My Roommates and I Go Crazy for Home Décor—Here's What We're Eyeing at Nordstrom

Home Décor at Nordstrom

As more and more days go by that I can't do anything outside, I'm distracting myself with making my home the best place to be. The number of packages containing things like candles, kitchenware, and pillows arriving at my apartment these days is obscene. But are my roommates and I going to rein in our stopping obsession any time soon? Nope. In fact, our recent purchases from Nordstrom were so good, it inspired us to hop back on the site and add even more goodies to our cart. So if you haven't checked out its home collection recently, I got you. Keep scrolling to see the items we've scored, plus the other pieces we're eyeing.

Candles and Diffusers:



Pillows and Blankets: