Teen Vogue's Editor in Chief Just Revealed Her Entire Nighttime Skincare Routine

When badass figures in the fashion industry let us a glimpse into their skincare routines, we stand at attention. After all, when you're as busy as an editor in chief or top designer, you know the importance of products that perform. So when Teen Vogue's editor in chief Lindsay Peoples Wagner hopped on Instagram Stories the other day to reveal every product she uses the night (and morning) before a big shoot, we reflexively screenshot everything.

Curious to see the masks, acne treatments, and moisturizers that a top fashion editor swears by when her skin has to look flawless in less than 24 hours? (Spoiler: There are some under-$50 products here that are just so intriguing.) Keep scrolling to shop Lindsay Peoples Wagner's entire pre–photo shoot skincare routine. 

The Night Before the Shoot

If the plan is to wake up with better skin than when you went to sleep, you want to reach for products that offer immediate results, and Wagner regards this two-step peel as one of those. The vitamin C–packed exfoliator makes her skin "instantly brighter and smoother [in] texture," she says. 

Now for a series of masks. After peeling, Wagner decongests her skin with this seaweed- and charcoal-rich mud mask, which she says "cleans out pores and hydrates really well."

If she's feeling pimply and wants to keep breakouts at bay, Wagner relies on this ultra-thin sheet mask. Ingredients like niacinamide, tea tree, and salicylic acid help with those under-the-surface pimples, she says.

One more acne treatment for good measure—Wagner calls this low-key product her "favorite tea tree mask"—it's only $14 and available on Amazon. 

She uses this Angela Caglia jade roller to massage over the tea tree mask, helping the formula sink into her skin while stimulating circulation, lymphatic drainage, and collagen production. 

Next: An application of this cult-beloved lotion, which gently exfoliates and balances the skin's pH. Wagner considers this one of her holy-grail products. 

Wagner ends her routine with an intense dose of hydration, thanks to this peptide-infused, radiance-boosting moisturizer-mask hybrid.

Wagner's final step: Layering this skin-firming mask over everything else. Her makeup artist friend Samantha Lau recommended it to her, and "it's worth every penny," she says. 

The Morning of the Shoot

First thing in the morning, Wagner applies this purple mask. "I live for Tatcha products," she says. "This mask helps with overall glow and plumps the skin nicely."

On the car ride to her shoot, Wagner pops on this pricy (but "incredible") sheet mask from Biologique Recherche. The mask "gives the skin a boost of radiance, and with use over time I've seen it help with fading stubborn dark spots!" she swears.

Ten minutes out from having to be on camera, Wagner finishes up her skincare routine with three key products, including this radiance-inducing vitamin C serum.

After a new application of Valmont's Prime Renewing Pack, she follows up with Laura Mercier's rose oil "to lock everything in."

Last but not least: a spritz of Valmont's hydrating face mist. 

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