The Founder of Bonberi Shares the Grocery Staples She Can't Live Without

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(Image credit: Courtesy of Nicole Berrie)

In the NYC wellness scene, Nicole Berrie is a household name. She's the founder and recipe developer of the Bonberi, the popular curated guide for food and well-being, and Bonberi Mart, a plant-based convenience corner store that offers healthy snacks and on-the-go meals. Her debut cookbook, Body Harmony, is a collection of her most delicious and easy-to-make recipes for anyone who wants to eat intuitively and feel good doing so. 

As a go-to expert for plant-based meals, we asked Berrie to reveal the mainstays from her weekly grocery trips. Keep scrolling to see the market staples she always has to have on hand.

My Food Philosophy


(Image credit: Courtesy of Nicole Berrie)

For me, food is not only about nourishing our bodies but also our souls. It's important to find the best ingredients and combinations to help us thrive both physically and emotionally. We can indulge and feel vibrant in our bodies all at the same time. This means having an abundance of whole, natural foods, fruits, vegetables, high-quality grains, and plant-based fats seasoned with delicious spices and herbs. It brings me so much joy to incorporate abundance via intuitive eating and food combination in my daily life. It truly nourishes me and allows me to shine from the inside out.

My Grocery Haul


I always stock up on a bunch of bananas, especially when they are spotted and ripe, because they are sweeter, contain more alkaline, and are better for elimination. I will usually freeze and use them in a lot of my smoothie recipes.


Lemons are super alkaline and anti-inflammatory. They are also great for hydration and breaking up mucus, so I will typically add them to warm water in the mornings and to salad dressing and vegetable juices.


Beets are amazing root vegetables. You can add them to your juice to help increase your blood circulation, energy, and circulation. I love to steam, bake, or roast them.


The ultimate ingredient in the Bonberi pantry! Dulse is a salty, briny algae that is great to add to broths and dressings to increase mineral intake and umami flavor.

Vegan Kimchi

I am half-Korean, so my mom used to feed me kimchi (dipped in water, because it's spicy!) as a little baby. These days, I prefer the vegan version to add to rice maki or avocado toast. Kimchi is amazing for gut health and helps with bloating and digestion.

Ezekiel Bread

Ezekiel sprouted grain bread is old-school hippie food at its best. It's easy to digest for the gluten-sensitive but not entirely gluten-free!

Toasted Sesame Oil

Toasted sesame oil is a staple in Korean cooking. 


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