Fashion Girls Are Loving the Swimwear Trend You Hate


Collage Vintage

While the weather might be drastically different in Los Angeles than it is in New York at this exact moment, those fleeting moments before spring always have us dreaming of summer, no matter where you are. And if we know you as well as we think we know you, "dreaming of summer" actually means dreaming of which swimsuits you'll be wearing. While on the hunt for the latest trends and styles in the swimwear department, we came across a trend in bikini bottoms that you might not be on board with right away—fuller bottoms.

This summer, we are going to see styles stepping away from more revealing thongs and cheeky bottoms and taking a giant step toward more coverage on your lower half. That means no strings, over-exposed cheeks, or high-cut legs. After recently learning that French women are fond of "big cotton panties," an underwear we haven't always leaned on here in the U.S., the discovery of a similar shape in the swimwear world had our ears perked up.

To prove this is not just something we noticed with our trend-driven eye, we reached out to a handful of women who have their hands in all different realms of the fashion industry, to see how they feel about the new swimwear trend. To no surprise, they were all in accordance. Now the real question is how are you going to react to this normally hated style?

Go on to see what fashion insiders have to say about this new swimwear trend and to shop the style for yourself.