Good News: Chrissy Teigen's Jeans Solve the #1 Skinny-Jean Problem

Chrissy Teigen is many, many things: a mom, model, Twitter expert, cookbook author, reality show host, and skinny-jean influencer. Okay, we made that last one up. In all seriousness, we could wax poetic about her many skills for paragraphs, but today, we're focusing on the latter. Teigen's go-to outfit for busy days (we just assume all of her days are busy) is skinny jeans with a sweater or blouse tucked into them, a long coat or blazer, and a great pair of heels. That's exactly what Teigen wore yesterday while out in NYC, but the skinny jeans she wore definitely deserve a closer look, as they solve the number one problem with skinny jeans.

Coined the Piper Jeans, Teigen's pants are made by celeb-favorite brand L'Agence and feature a genius feature that will solve your most frustrating skinny-jean problems: buttons at the hem. Not only do they look cool, but the buttons also allow for adjustability depending on what type of shoes you're wearing. For example, Teigen wore ankle boots, so she unbuttoned a few buttons so the pants wouldn't bunch where the boots meet. If you're wearing loafers or some other low shoes, the pants will look best buttoned all the way down. Genius, right? Keep scrolling to shop Chrissy Teigen's jeans as well as a few similar styles.

Chrissy Teigen skinny jeans



On Chrissy Teigen: L'Agence Piper Jeans ($295)

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