The $118 Zipper Jeans Everyone Purchased This Week

It’s no secret that Reformation’s denim selection is wildly popular. Just last week, we highlighted the cropped jeans with a 3000-person waiting list and rave reviews from the editors here at Who What Wear. With the success of other wait-listed styles, flattering silhouettes, and an affordable price point, the eco-focused brand released its second denim launch earlier this week, including an assortment of non-pant denim pieces like the cropped jumpsuit and long-sleeve denim minidress below. But out of all these great selections, which ones sell the most? Thanks to insight from the Reformation team, we happen to know just that, and these $118 zipper jeans (yes, they unzip all the way up your leg) were at the top of the list.

Whether you’re looking for a new pair of cropped jeans or ready to test out the daring zipper trend, take comfort in knowing that not only is Reformation’s denim collection editor-approved, but the prices ring in at a sweet spot in between $110 and $130 too. Shop this week's top-selling Reformation pieces below.