I'm Finally Bored With Tie-Dye—These Are the 5 Happy Prints I'm Wearing Instead

Don't get me wrong—I'm not anti-tie-dye. I've simply overdone it with this trendy print lately. If I didn't already own enough tie-dye pieces from last summer, I definitely acquired more, and even made some of my own, during the past few months while working from home. I'm sure my dyed clothing will eventually see the light of day before summer ends, but I'm currently eyeing a whole new batch of on-trend summer prints. These prints feel fresh and fun, especially compared to the basics I've been wearing lately. Behold, the five prints I'm wearing in place of tie-dye for the rest of summer.

Colorful Gingham

Summer gingham trend



I can't not think of an outdoor picnic when I think of gingham. That's primarily what I'll be spending my summer doing, so it's only fitting that this print comes to mind first. Instead of typical black-and-white or red-and-white versions I'm really into less expected gingham shades like yellow and orange.

Totally Tropical

Tropical print



Because I, unfortunately, don't live in Hawaii or—I don't know—the Bahamas, tropical printed clothing always makes me feel like I'm on vacation. I won't, however, be going on one for quite some time, so I'll be pretending with clothing printed with everything from oversize hibiscus flowers to palm tree leaves to tropical fruits. Just try and stop me.

Elevated Polka-Dots

These are not your itsy-bitsy-teeny-weeny-yellow-polka-dot-bikini polka-dots. Oh no, for summer 2020 it's all about elevating dots in all sorts of colorways. I particularly love oversize versions and otherwise fancy items (like silk dresses) in this youthful print.

'70s Florals

70s inspired florals



Florals are an obvious choice for summer. Last year, I was super into anything with daisies on it or super tiny micro florals. Right now it's all about poppy '70s florals because they're a little bolder and brighter, which is precisely what I'm in the mood for currently.

Modern Wallpaper

Toile print



My grandmother's house was covered in toile everything—wallpaper, knick-knacks, dishes—so this print naturally makes me nostalgic. I've been noticing dresses and tops with a more modern iteration of this print lately, sometimes incorporating some tropical elements. The point is, I'm here for it.

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