Every Under-$30 Naked Swimsuit Hiding at Forever 21


@mscanga; PICTURED: Static Swimwear Fairfax Top ($88)

My co-worker, Michelle Scanga, recently went on a lush vacation to Hawaii and took some of the most incredible Instagrams along the way. One in particular that stood out to me was the golden knotted naked swimsuit pic above. In case you aren't aware of the "naked" swimsuit trend, it is simply a rise in the popularity of nude-colored swimsuits coming in all different styles. In an effort to stay on budget this summer, instead of instantly buying the suit she wore, I decided to do some investigating of my own and discovered that Forever 21 has a ton of options serving those of us who are on the hunt for the perfect naked swimsuit for half the price.

Hiding in the depths of the hundreds of pages of product at Forever 21 sits nude swimwear of all kinds. From one-pieces to string bikinis, high-rise briefs to metallic sheen fabrics, I am officially convinced that Forever 21 is the best one-stop shop for naked swimwear this season. Oh, and did I mention each suit is under $30? Yeah, that too. Go on to shop my favorite versions of the trend available at this affordable retailer. Nude sunbathing is just a checkout away.

Next up, striped swimsuits that will still be cool next summer and the summer after that.