This Polish Trend Is Like Skincare for Your Nails, and It's About to Take Over


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I can't remember the last time I sported bare nails. Ever since I was young, I've worn nail polish. I feel more put together when my nails are done. While I did my nails at home for most of my life, I've been getting gel nails at a salon for the past few years. 

My favorite type of gel to get on my nails is undoubtedly hard gel, also known as builder gel. It lasts longer than soft gel, is chip resistant, and strengthens nails so they won't bend or break (perfect for people like me, who have a penchant for long nails). In my eyes, hard gel is the ticket to near-perfect nails. However, there's one caveat to hard gel, and that's how annoying it is to remove.

To remove hard gel properly, you must file or drill off most of it, then soak the remaining gel in acetone. A couple of months ago, I went to a nail salon that was ill-equipped to remove hard gel, and I ended up with the most damaged nails I've ever had—they were brittle, thin, and covered in unsightly scrapes. 

My nails needed some serious TLC. And I knew I needed to lay off the hard gel for a while to let my nails breathe. In the meantime, I needed to find a way to strengthen them. 

But if I had to experience nail damage, I'm glad it happened now. There have never been so many hybrid nail polish treatments on the market. These treatments do major damage control on beat-up nails. Many also help mask imperfections and make nails look their best. Keep reading for some of my favorite polish treatments on the market. 


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My nails before and after using Dermelect Cosmeceuticals Makeover Ridge Filler. 


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