New Season, New Nail Aesthetic: 5 Spring Trends That Are Set to Dominate


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For the beauty and fashion lover, with the arrival of spring comes new trends to get excited about. As the days grow warmer and the flora and fauna around us come back to life, so does our love for the new and improved. There's nothing wrong with looking to the aesthetic trends of the past with renewed interest and respect (how do you think low-rise jeans made their sudden comeback last year?), but keeping tabs on trends as they start their epic takeover will never not be fun.

In that spirit, I reached out to Eunice Park, a former manicurist who now presides as the research, development and education manager at Aprés Nail, to comment on the trends she sees coming our way this spring. Read on to find out which ones Park has her eye on then, and shop the products inspired by trendy looks.

Shorter, Wearable Lengths


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The first trend Park highlights is one that I think so many people have been waiting for: the triumphant return of short, wearable nails that won't snag your favorite sweater or chip the moment you reach for something in the endless abyss that is your tote bag. What better way to start a new season than a nail aesthetic that looks clean and chic while making life a little bit easier?


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Monochrome Manis


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Another huge prediction for spring 2023 is the arrival of monotone manis. That's right—whether you like it or not, multicolored nails may be on their way out by the time spring arrives. "A lot more people are appreciating the look of a clean, simple one color. It's actually harder than it looks to accomplish!" Park muses. I'm all for it; having always been partial to a simple mani in one eye-catching color.


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Keeping It Neutral


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Here's a trend all my neutral lovers out there can get on: Park also sees subtle neutral shades are making a huge comeback this season. Effortlessly sophisticated and timeless, neutrals happen to be that magical finishing touch that brings any look together. And with the release of so many pretty neutral polish collections on the horizon, you'll have plenty of options to choose from.


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Minimalist Nail Art


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According to Park, you should also be on the lookout for simple, minimalistic nail designs to spark your interest for your next trip to the nail salon. "More simple and easy nail art looks are on the rise over the more elaborate style we saw a lot of over the past two years," she says. So what does that mean for the glazed donut trend that went viral following Hailey Bieber's icing-like mani worn at 2022's Met Gala? Park doesn't see them going anywhere. Only time will tell if simplistic nail art (including the glazed donut trend) will continue to take over the internet in the coming months.


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The French Resurgence


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"The renaissance of the French that we saw over the last year or so is still here to stay," Park explains. "It's a classic and easy to spice up with simple twists. French is enjoying a resurgence in popularity that I think will last through 2023." You've heard it here first: Don't get rid of your OPI Bubble Bath or Put It in Neutral shades just yet. We have another spring season to get through and need a shade that will leave your nails with that healthy-looking, "just done" glow.


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