Mother's Day Has Passed, But There's Never a Bad Time to Celebrate Mom

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Moms give us a lot: their (almost) endless patience, their affection, their wisdom, their time, their record collections… And while we’re grateful for all of it—and hopefully show it year-round—we can’t help but regret some of the Mother’s Day gifts we’ve presented them with in the past.

I’m not talking about the homemade tokens of affection (I have it on good authority that moms actually do love homemade cards, art projects involving macaroni noodles, and DIY jewelry)… I’m talking about the uninspired, unwanted purchases that are usually worn politely once or twice before being relegated to the back of Mom’s closet or dresser drawer.

That’s why this year my co-workers and I decided to put a little more time and effort into making our gift-giving decisions. We put our heads together and realized there’s one accessory that’s sure to get plenty of wear from all of our moms, despite their differing tastes and cities of residence: sunglasses. Without further ado, we’d like you to meet the women who raised us (and see the Sunglass Hut sunglasses we’ve lovingly picked out for each).

Meet Her Stepmom: Jodi (of Phoenix, Arizona)

Jodi’s Personal Style: "She has the chicest wardrobe filled with tons of great vintage designer pieces. However, she’s in sweatpants or a jeans-and-a-tee outfit 95% of the time, which is kind of amazing and kind of annoying.”

Jodi’s Parenting Style: "My stepmom is the fun parent who says yes to whatever Dad says no to, including the ridiculous puffy dress I insisted on wearing to my bat mitzvah at 13 and the overpriced juicer I insisted on for my 21st birthday (my, how quickly times change).”

Jodi’s TV Alter Ego: "She will hate me for saying this if she ever watches Gossip Girl, but she’s definitely Lily van der Woodsen: the well-traveled, fashionable woman who almost seems more like your friend than your mom—until she grounds you for two weeks for sneaking out to see Dan Humphrey.”

The Gift: These fun Coach sunglasses. "I’ve only ever seen her wear oversize shades my entire life, so if for no other reason, I know she’d love this pair. I also think this frame shape has ‘I’m a mom, but don’t forget I’m a cool mom’ written all over it, which entirely encompasses her vibe.”

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Meet Her Mom: Janice (of Auckland, New Zealand)

Janice’s Personal Style: "She keeps things classic! And is almost always right when she points out an unfortunate fashion choice of mine (even if I don’t always realize it at the time).”

Janice’s Parenting Style: "Supremely incredibly loving, but very vigilant! She used to teach at my school, so there wasn’t much room to get away with anything.”

Janice’s TV Alter Ego: "Maybe Jill off Home Improvement meets Carol off Step-by-Step? They’re the only ones I can think of who had it together! Plus, some commendable experimentation with bangs in the ’90s.”

The Gift: These elevated, retro-inspired Valentino shades. "Pretty sure Mum owned almost exactly these when I was growing up.”

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Meet Her Mom: Jolie (of Los Angeles, California)

Jolie’s Personal Style: "Loud. She does not dress like your average 60-year-old mom. Because of the nature of her job (she owns a manufacturing company, iBlu), she’s working with designers constantly and dresses the part. She believes that every look should make a statement.”

Jolie’s Parenting Style: "My mom is the complete opposite of a smother mother. She’s so frenetic that I had to self-parent growing up, and to this day, she’ll regularly forget to pick me up from the airport. But when you really need her, she’s there all-in. Like the time I totaled my car (for the second time) and she forgave me instantly and drove with me to San Francisco to replace it with the only other car in the state with the same make and model.”

Jolie’s TV Alter Ego: "Lisa from Sister, Sister. She was a sassy single mom who raised her daughters to be independent and had great fashion sensibilities.”

The Gift: This bold Bvlgari style. "My mom does not shy away from crazy sunglasses, and this pair has an interesting detail that she can pull off. Trust me.”

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Meet Her Mom: Melanie (of Cape Cod, Massachusetts)

Melanie’s Personal Style: "Classic; she’s not one for the latest trends and fads, but she definitely has a closet full of strong basics I steal from whenever I’m home.”

Melanie’s Parenting Style: "My mom is the life of the party. She’s funny, fun, and always willing to try new thing and have a great time. That being said, she definitely didn’t hesitate to take my phone away in high school when I was being a pain…”

Melanie’s TV Alter Ego: "Definitely Samantha from Bewitched.

The Gift: These timeless Ray-Bans. "I think the style is timeless and flattering, and the tortoiseshell design is super versatile.”

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Meet My Mom: Lois (of Palos Verdes, California)

Lois’s Personal Style: "Classic and well-tailored, which is to say she isn’t super fond of this season’s slime-green trend or the various unnatural hair colors I was into in my misspent youth. (She’s also about half a foot shorter than me, so we can’t really share clothes anyway.)”

Lois’s Parenting Style: "Active! My mom was at all my elementary school PTA meetings, coached my siblings’ soccer teams several years in a row, and was always a big-time supporter of all our wildest dreams and ambitions.”

Lois’s TV Alter Ego: "My dad has always reminded me of Tim from Home Improvement—dad jokes and all—and I think my mom, like Natalie’s, has a lot of Jill-like qualities. She’s got her career going, enjoys razzing my dad (who often deserves it), and might do her fair share of meddling…”

The Gift: "If there’s one thing my mom really appreciates in an accessory, it’s simplicity, and her sunglasses collection is legendary (in the Yapp household, anyway). I would hate to be the daughter who borrows—and subsequently loses or scratches—this sleek Lois-approved pair (not that that’s ever happened or anything).”

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