Our Mothers Deserve Nothing Less Than These Luxe Cartier Gifts

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Mothers, whether biological mothers, grandmothers, sisters, or friends (anyone who takes on the role, really), are the strongest people on the planet. You can't tell me otherwise. When Mother's Day comes around, I always wish I could give my mom the world, and while I can't literally do that, I can get her gifts that she'll cherish forever. That's why this year, I'm looking at Cartier for something a little extra that I know will bring her so much joy. The beloved designer has timeless watches, ultra-luxe diamonds, classic sunglasses, and more. (You can't go wrong with anything.) My co-workers are on the same page, and they're looking to get their mothers something they'll never expect. Keep scrolling to hear about their special relationships and see the items they're shopping this Mother's Day.

"Motherhood is by far the most magical, challenging, blissful, emotional, tender, exhausting, and joyous experience of my whole life. (And there are plenty more adjectives to describe this extraordinary journey.) As a mother of two, I have learned patience, empathy, gratitude, strength, and selflessness (and peripheral vision!), and I feel the most profound love beyond comprehension. It has given me a newfound respect for all moms (particularly single mothers), and of course, for my own mom, whose positive, graceful, and loving nature has inspired, supported, and guided me through the joys and challenges of parenthood."

"As my first and forever fashion inspiration, my closest confidante, and my favorite travel partner, my mom is one of my favorite people to spend time with and one of the most inspiring people I know. When I was growing up, she was an incredible mom. But recently, I've had an even closer look at how amazing she is (and always was) since I've had a chance to watch her with my 1-year-old niece every time we visit."

"I was born on a sunny Mother's Day in 1993, so you could say the stars aligned for my mom and me right from birth. I consider my mom a hero in my life. She's taught me logic, compassion, and patience. We've been best friends from day one, and Mother's Day is always a joint effort given that my birthday often aligns with the day itself. My mom has always had her own unique style. I remember the days when she'd pick me up early from school in her chunky sunglasses and icy wristwatches. The kids at school would think a celebrity was picking me up."

"My mom is my best friend. If you broke into my phone, you would find that my most frequent call is to her (multiple times a day). Whether I have a simple question about what should I eat for dinner or something more serious to talk about, she's always there for me, and I'm excited to celebrate her this Mother's Day. She's been my style icon since I was little (and throughout my teenage years when I played dress-up in her closet). My love for fashion blossomed from there, and she's always supported me along the way. We've shared a mutual love for Cartier since I was young, and I still wear a piece from the brand every single day."

Anneliese Henderson
Senior Editor, Branded Content

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