11 Classic Jewelry Trends That Never Lose Their Popularity

Blame it on our love of shiny metals, beautifully colored crystals, and architectural shapes, but we’re always game to try out a strong jewelry trend. Whether we spot them on the runways of fashion week or on our favorite Instagram stars, these bold styles encourage us to personalize our looks and push the envelope a bit. However, when it comes to the jewelry that we never take off and wear as though it’s a second skin, what we choose often has little to do with what’s of-the-moment and more with what styles will speak to us forever. According to those in the know, there are specific designs that never lose their luster.

In order to identify the classic jewelry that’s always in demand, we turned to four major designers to shed light on what their own customers can’t get enough of. This includes Spinelli Kilcollin, Ariel Gordon, and Stephanie Gottlieb, all of their respective eponymous lines, as well as Shelley Sanders of The Last Line.

Below are the 11 jewelry trends that they say stand the test of time. Feel free to stay experimental, but we’re thinking the pieces ahead are purchases to make for the sake of the long haul.

Tennis Bracelets

“The classic tennis bracelet has really made its comeback this year. While the setting styles change over time, you can’t go wrong with a tennis bracelet style. The setting can always be updated over time, which is actually something we’ve done a lot of in recent months! Changing the setting/metal color instantly modernizes a more dated version of the classic design.” — Stephanie Gottlieb

Statement Rings

“Rings have symbolized status, union, permanence, and adornment for hundreds of years. It’s jewelry that we constantly see ourselves wearing throughout the day, and rings have a funny way of shrinking after a while. Statement rings and stacking multiple bands on different fingers will always be a logical solution.” — Spinelli Kilcollin

Diamond Studs

“Diamond studs are a staple for any woman’s jewelry wardrobe. Rounds would be the most classic, but we have many clients who like to explore more interesting shapes like emerald cuts, Asscher, or even heart shapes! Depending on the size/quality of the stones, studs can also be used later on as an engagement ring stone, or solitaire pendant.” — Gottlieb

Mixed Colors

“Even the ancient Egyptians experimented with different metal formulations and mixing stone colors together in the same pieces. Blending colors together brings life to jewelry and can be an intriguing way to explore our personalities.” — Kilcollin


“Huggies are a great staple. Put them on and forget they are there because they are so comfortable. I even sleep in mine (there isn’t a post to poke into me)!” — Ariel Gordon

Eternity Bands

“Time after time, if you’d ask anyone to name three pieces of jewelry they really want, it’s a tennis bracelet (or a tennis necklace), the perfect diamond huggies, and then a ring with diamonds all around. What’s cool is being able to invent styles that are modern but also classic and feel relevant always.” — Shelley Sanders

Personalized Jewelry

“Personalized jewelry will always stand the test of time because it will forever have meaning to you. All of the jewelry that I wear is symbolic of a treasured moment in my life: a birth, the passing of a loved one, a wedding.” — Gordon

Stacking Bands

“Stacking bands are always in style, and what I love about a stack is that you can make it personal to you and change it up over time. Your stack can include heirlooms, birthstones, or engraved and personalized pieces that give sentimental value to the look!” — Gottlieb


“One of the classic things we’ve re-created was pendants and making them so that women can wear them on their chains, on our chains, on all their outfit, in all different ways. People have necklaces they’ve picked up over the years and want to be able to wear their pendants in a variety of lengths, on a variety of chains, on any given day. When we did our pendants, we launched with large enough bails so they can be taken on and off, and the chains have multiple length options on them.” — Sanders

Pinky Rings

“Pinky rings will forever be a classic. I alternate between a hand-engraved signet ring with my monogram or a pavé love knot ring. Even a pinky ring on its own makes the whole hand look so chic.” — Gordon

Interconnected Circles

“The circle has been the most universal part of humanity for thousands of years. Linking them together symbolizes unity and literally brings infinite possibilities.” — Kilcollin