This Airline Has the Most Fashionable Flyers

From what not to wear (according to a TSA agent) to celebrities with the best jet-setting outfits, airport style never gets old to us. To switch it up a bit when it comes to covering airport fashion, we thought it’d be interesting to find out which airline has the most fashionable flyers.

To access this sort of information, we enlisted the team at Social Context Labs for their expert research skills. After sifting through all travel- and fashion-related discussions on social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, they found that conversation around British Airways sparked the most discussion about dressing nicely. Furthermore, passengers traveling with British Airways posted the most photos showcasing what they wore when they traveled. It should be noted that when the team pulled this research, Emirates also sparked a lot of conversation, but it was focused on the flight attendants’ style and not the passengers’.

Are you surprised by this insight? Shop the items sure to make you the most stylish flyer at the airport, and let us know your thoughts at the end.