Hate Wearing Jeans? The 5 Most Comfortable Brands for You

At this juncture, I've been fairly transparent that wearing pants is not my favorite thing. Well, I have to make a further confession that within the pants genus, jeans are my least favorite species. I find them to be the most restrictive, from the unforgiving construction of the waist to the not-so-stretchy nature of the fabric as a whole.

As a result, I've made it my own personal mission to hunt down jeans that are actually comfortable and liveable for someone like me, who legit hates wearing jeans. Much to my surprise, I discovered several brands with jeans that are beyond tolerable—they're genuinely comfy.

Keep scrolling to learn about the denim brands I've found with super-comfortable jeans! 

AG The Nikki Relaxed Skinny Jeans ($151)

AG Jeans is one of my favorite brands for a couple of reasons: It has a plethora of different styles for all different types of preferences (high-waisted, mid-rise, flares, straight leg, and more!), and it has perfected the magic elixir required to make denim stretchy enough to survive in—but still chic. As a girl who's a bit curvier in the hips, I can attest that AG Jeans' design is one of the least constricting that I've tried.    

DSTLD Low Rise Skinny Jeans in Dusk ($65)

Los Angeles–based direct-to-consumer brand DSTLD is one of my favorites because its denim is ultra stretchy—and it's also super affordable. Because of its business model, which skips the middle retailer most brands use, none of the jeans exceed $100. It's pretty awesome. 

Lou & Grey Straight Crop Jeans ($50)

This New York–based brand, which started out as a subset of Loft, has now branched off into its own retail spots. Their denim is extremely flattering and well constructed, especially for the lower price point. 

Mother The Loosey Boyfriend Jeans ($164)

There's a reason Mother counts celebrities like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley as die-hard fans. Its jeans are just so good, and I didn't know it for myself until I recently tried a pair on. I was shocked at how soft the denim was, even in a more structured pair of straight-leg jeans. The brand's particular formula of cotton and dye is a major winner.

Spanx Capri Jeans in Dark Dipped ($83)

Yes, I'm talking about those Spanx. The shapewear brand launched a line of denim last year, and I was lucky enough to be one of the first folks to try it out; much to my own admitted surprise, I loved them. The jeans are actually not the stretchiest on this list, which many may find surprising because of Spanx's core business; instead, the brand has focused its denim efforts on creating the perfect pair of shaping jeans that suck you in at all the right places.

Spanx Slim-X Ankle Jeans ($138)

What is YOUR favorite jeans brand? Tell us below!

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