This Nontraditional Stone Might Convince You to Opt Out of a Diamond Ring

Considering all of the unconventional engagement ring styles that have come to fruition, it’s safe to say that the trend won’t be leaving us any time soon. From cool and unexpected designs to alternative center stones, the rise of nontraditional rings has us looking at this fine jewelry piece in a whole new light. Plus we’re discovering a world of stones we might not have considered before. Case in point: Morganite engagement rings.

Ranging in a spectrum of shades from the palest pink to a deep peach-tinged gray, this unexpected gemstone might just replace the traditional diamond. Not to say that traditional white diamonds—as well as the occasional fancy yellow version—will ever go out of style. But if you consider yourself an alternative bride, morganite will quickly be at the top of your list. Perhaps it’s the rosy shades that make it a perfect symbol for your romance, but we certainly can’t deny how dreamy this stone can be.

To see what we mean, scroll down and see the prettiest morganite engagement rings to add to your Pinterest board below.

For those who love something a little nature-inspired, opt for this chic ring.

We love the two diamonds flanking the morganite.

How good do the diamonds and morganite look with the rose-gold band?

This pale morganite stone is unlike any other.

Hands down, this emerald-cut morganite ring is breathtaking.

You won't be able to look away from this beautful ring.

If you want an ultimately unconventional ring, opt for this one.

Go for a deeper-hued morganite stone if you want something edgier.

If you prefer to wear something on the simple side, this one from Meadowlark is absolutely beautiful.

A halo will always add that extra sparkle—no matter what the center stone is.

When paired with an infinite band, your ring stack will be Instagram-worthy.

The green sapphires compliment the pink hue of the morganite so well.

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