The Miu Miu Effect: 9 Things Everyone Is Wearing Thanks to the Fall Runway


(Image credit: Launchmetrics Spotlight/Miu Miu)

When Lyst published its Q3 report on the top luxury brands of 2023, it was none other than Miu Miu that knocked Loewe off its pedestal to claim the number one slot. It's not hard to see why. The brand has been behind some of the most viral fashion moments and must-have items for several years straight, and it has established itself as the go-to source material for fashion insiders and students alike. In other words, we all just want to be Miu Miu girls.

Now that the fall collection is out in the wild, it's wielding a serious amount of influence on our collective style right now—far more than any other label, I'd say. Miu Miu has always been an arbiter of a certain youthful and quirky, if rebellious, aesthetic, and this season's harmonious blend of sultry and demure elements just might be my personal favorite yet. Delicate sheer skirts and polished pumps were offset by plain hoodies and librarian-esque eyeglasses. To me, it hits on everything the modern woman wants to be and wear—it's cool, risqué but intelligent, and oh so charming. 

I could ramble on forever about this collection, but for the sake of brevity, I'm outlining the Miu Miu fall 2023 shopping list I put together. Ahead, see the exact buys I'm adding to my cart right now to achieve the nerdy-chic mood of this runway.


(Image credit: Launchmetrics Spotlight/Miu Miu)

Sheer has been a rising theme across the board, but Miu Miu took it to the next level when it paired sheer tights with sheer knee-length skirts, resulting in one delectable sandwich of nylon and organza. Whether you style one like this or wear it to peek out from underneath a minidress, a sheer skirt is one of the most forward things you can buy for fall.


(Image credit: Launchmetrics Spotlight/Miu Miu)

This Miu Miu collection was notorious for including a series of plain zip-up hoodies that elevated the loungewear staple we all know and love to a veritable runway It piece. Grab yours and try out the look with copious amount of layers à la the Miu Miu models.


(Image credit: Launchmetrics Spotlight/Miu Miu)

"Librariancore" was a major theme on this runway, and Miu Miu created a beautiful contrast between its skin-baring sheer pieces with these bookwormish knits. The result is simply *chef's kiss.* Now, if I see someone wearing a crew-neck cardigan with a cute skirt and tights, I know they looked at this runway beforehand.


(Image credit: Launchmetrics Spotlight/Miu Miu)

Earlier this year, Miu Miu released its Arcadie Bag, an oblong bowler bag that feels at once retro and modern. It was promptly featured on the arms of A-listers, from Emily Ratajkowksi to Sydney Sweeney, and while the bag in question can run you north of $3000, similar bowler styles abound.


(Image credit: Launchmetrics Spotlight/Miu Miu)

If there's one Miu Miu item that everyone is after right now, it's undoubtedly the strappy patent-leather slingbacks with tiny buckles. My entire Instagram feed is flooded with cool snaps of the shoes, and I'm certainly not immune to their pull—I already put myself on the waiting list for a pair in black cherry. As tends to happen with It pieces from this brand, I think this style of kitten-heel pumps will become the defining shoes of winter 2023.


(Image credit: Launchmetrics Spotlight/Miu Miu)

Models grazed the Miu Miu runway with mussed-up hair and chunky gray cardigans, their bags overflowing with an extra pair of shoes and paperback books. Miuccia Prada wanted her models to exude a sense of urgency and intelligence—as if they could be rushing out of the library to make it to their TA job. The nerdy-chic vibe is best summed up by the rise of librariancore glasses that the fashion set has been adopting en masse ever since. 


(Image credit: Launchmetrics Spotlight/Miu Miu)

Another theme that my own closet will surely be influenced by is the micro polka dots that littered sheer separates and halter dresses throughout this runway. I adore the retro appeal of these prints and have already begun shopping for similar polka-dot pieces.


(Image credit: Launchmetrics Spotlight/Miu Miu)

ICYMI, it's a tights fall. Cool hosiery looks were all over the fall collections, but naturally, Miu Miu's take is especially good. Models donned sheer colored tights with sequin briefs and sheer layers, and while you don't have to wear them as boldly as this, a pair of colored tights is an easy and cheap way to tap into the Miu Miu mood.


(Image credit: Launchmetrics Spotlight/Miu Miu)

This may have been a fall runway, but the dresses were certainly a highlight. Delicate V-neck halter silhouettes came in the form of sheer floral embroidery and polka-dot prints. Paired with the kitten heels, they have a hint of 1950s glam that's just delightful.

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