I Spot Microtrends Like It's My Job, and These 5 Are About to Blow Up

microtrends for spring 2019



You're probably aware to some degree of the major trends at play for spring and summer 2019. (But just as a refresher, here's our big, beautiful trend report.) And by the time March rolls around, we'll have hammered them into your permanent memory. But I'm not here to talk about anything mainstream… yet. Instead, I'm interested in what I'll call "microtrends." These are the hyper-specific iterations of all the bigger sartorial shifts at play, and I've become somewhat of an expert at spotting them (okay, it's basically a pastime of mine at this point).

These are trends or sometimes even specific items that a handful of influencers and fashion girls have all started wearing simultaneously. Take the hair clip trend, for instance. Barrettes, hairpins, and all manner of nostalgic hair accessories that remind us of our grade school days are trending in a major way. But under the surface, it's pearl-adorned hairpins specifically that have earned their own microtrend subcategory. Get the gist? Good.

I'm about to share five of these microtrends for spring and summer 2019 that may be all in the details but will have a big impact in just a few months time. Once you commit these to memory, consider yourself a bonafide insider. Keep reading to discover and shop all the microtrends of the moment.

Pearl Hair Clips

microtrends for spring/summer 2019



Like I said earlier, throwback hair accessories are having a major moment. But it's all the hair clips with pretty pearl adornments that I'd like to give a shoutout to here. Between all the trending pearl jewelry and said hair accessories, I'd say we've hit a peak with the pearl trend. Sure, pearl hair clips run a little sweet, but that's exactly what makes them so fun to wear.

Leather Trench Coats

leather trench coat trend



The '90s are the decade that just keeps giving. It seems every season, designers cherry-pick a new '90s style to bring back again, and this time it's the leather trench coat. Everyone's been well-acquainted with leather biker jackets, but it's time to cozy up to the idea of a leather-coated trench. Think Neo from The Matrix or Carrie Bradshaw in the early episodes of Sex and the City.

Moiré Satin

Have you ever seen a satin garment that resembles the pattern of wood grain when the light hits it? As I recently learned, this lovely wavy pattern is referred to as "moiré" satin, and labels like The Attico and Ellery are reintroducing the fabric on everything from voluminous dresses to ankle boots.

Animal-Print Belts

Chain belts had their moment in 2018 as did crystal and rhinestone belts. Fashion girls love a good statement belt because it's the easiest way to add style to jeans and a tee (or really anything else). The next wave of statement belts: animal print. While zebra and leopard were to be found on everything from shoes to coats last fall, the trend has evolved into these simple belts that pack a big punch.

Remember all that colorful acrylic jewelry? Meet its cousin, the acrylic bag. All the candy-colored shades like mint green and lilac and swirled patterns have found their way onto bags and the offerings are nothing but fun. Come time for summer vacations, these will be splattered all over your Instagram feed.