I Own 5 Versions of This Sweater, But Somehow I Always Want More

Although L.A. doesn't experience a "real" winter, in the East Coast sense, we do get a decent temperature drop around January and February. It's enough to make me swap my T-shirt for a sweater but not quite to the point that it necessitates layers upon layers, and for me, there's really one item that I've come to rely on for the in-between weather: a cropped sweater. My wardrobe hinges on the piece so much so that I've racked up a sizable collection of them, all of which I wear on repeat.

Maybe a cropped sweater seems redundant. Isn't the point to keep you, well, warm? But it's L.A.'s in-between weather that makes these knits the perfect choice. That, and I'm a religious wearer of high-rise pants (the higher the rise the better the pants, I say), so I've come to favor a shorter hemline in my knit selection to avoid an awkward and bulky sweater tuck. I don't discriminate, either. Turtlenecks, cardigans, and crewnecks are all equally loved in my sweater collection, and I'm about to show you five of my favorite styles—and how I wear them.

If you're as enthusiastic as I am about the style, keep reading to see how to wear cropped sweaters, shop the ones I recommend, and then browse the cropped styles I plan to invest in next.