This French Skincare Brand Is Why Mia Goth's Skin Is So Good


Daria Kobayashi Ritch

Did you catch our cover shoot and interview with indie actress Mia Goth? If not, you probably should (click here, we’ll wait), not only because the photos are as weird and mesmerizing as Goth herself, but also because we had one of the most genuine conversations in recent memory with this 25-year-old “anti-Hollywood starlet,” known for her avant-garde film career that includes roles in 2013’s Nymphomaniac and this year’s Suspiria. We talked about everything from quarter-life crises to the pressure to pursue mainstream success to what the word “style” really means.

But what didn’t make that interview was our conversation about Goth’s skincare routine. When I sat down with Goth at a café in Beverly Hills to chat about everything under the sun over lattés and green juice, she was not wearing a stitch of makeup—no concealer, no eyebrow pencil (though naked, almost invisible eyebrows are kind of the actress’s signature look). Trust me, I have an eye for tricky no-makeup makeup, and she was wearing none of it… yet her skin glowed to the gods. So naturally, I had to interrogate her about it. Luckily for us, Goth was happy to tell us all about the Beverly Hills facialist and French skincare products she swears by. Want to know her skincare secrets? Keep scrolling to read our brief skincare conversation.