I Just Discovered the Key Skincare Item Megan Fox Uses Before a Red Carpet

Megan Fox's Red Carpet Skincare Product



Makeup artists usually happily share items like the foundation, primer, and eye shadow they use on their celebrity clients, but what we don't hear about as often are the products used to prep their skin beforehand. This is important because any makeup artist will tell you that a gorgeous, long-lasting makeup look starts with proper skip prep. Case in point: Celebrity MUA Jenna Kristina used one key new skincare product on Megan Fox for her showstopping look at the GQ Men of the Year Party. Intrigued? Keep reading! We have the full scoop on how Fox achieves glowing red carpet skin along with a full breakdown of the makeup look Kristina created for her. 

Megan Fox's Key Red Carpet Moisturizer

To create a silky, hydrating base, Kristina used Element Eight's O2 Squalane Moisturizer ($250)—a brand-new and innovative product that Fox loved. "I'm in love with oxygen treatments, and this product instantly hydrated, plumped, and created the perfect base for makeup application," says Kristina. "The special OATH technology works. I've never seen results like this! It gave incredible, perfect skin as a base for the dramatic cat eye we chose for her look. Megan loved it so much that I left the bottles with her."

If you're wondering what OATH technology is, the brand's chairman of the board Bradley Patt gave us a few more details. "Our team recognized that bones, tendons, ligaments, and skin are connective tissues and that all have the same main structural protein (collagen) in common," Patt says. "Products developed by this same team are used in tens thousands of medical procedures a year throughout the world. They spent over 10 years developing multiple applications for its patented oxygen delivery systems, and once the United States Department of Health and Human Services recently recognized the potential of our team's topical applications for helping heal skin in acute wounds, we were awarded a research grant to develop and test these formulations.

"The loss of oxygen to the skin is one of the leading causes of fine lines, wrinkles, and discoloration. The skin's oxygen levels diminish, reducing the synthesis of collagen, elastin, and structural proteins, which greatly decreases the skin's ability to repair and recover as we age. Our Oxygen Amplified Therapy (OATH) incorporates molecular oxygen with a proprietary oxygen carrier that can deliver ten times more oxygen than without OATH. Adding OATH and elevated molecular oxygen to your skincare regimen can help to replenish your skin’s essential oxygen levels, slowing the appearance of aging. OATH paired with the active ingredients chosen for our product lines supercharges your skin's cellular regeneration."

This product is all Kristina needed to create the perfect base. Then, she followed with a few of team WWW's favorite makeup products to create Fox's neutral glam look. See which ones below.

Every Product Used for Megan Fox's GQ Men of the Year Party Makeup Look

As a base, Kristina started with Tom Ford's radiance-enhancing foundation to create a creamy, illuminated look.

She then followed with the Tom Ford concealer of the same name to warm up the skin.

To contour, Kristina opted for this blendable and buildable cream formula from Danessa Myricks.

For a bronzer, she chose Rose Inc's soft-focus cream bronzer to add extra warmth to the skin.

Kristina's choice blush is this Pat McGrath powder blush. She used the shade Fleurtatious on Fox to give her cheeks a gorgeous, natural flush.

Megan Fox's Red Carpet Skincare Product



She layered the Divine Blush with Dior's Backstage Glow palette in Glitz to really make Fox's cheeks pop.

In terms of eye shadow, Kristina went for this gorgeous palette to create Fox's smoky, neutral look.

For an extra-sharp, pointed cat eye, Kristina used this Maybelline liner gel with an ultra-pointed brush.

Fox's false lashes were these sturdy and affordable ones from Tatti.

Fox's lipstick is this soft, neutral peach shade from Pat McGrath Labs.

As a final touch, Kristina used this body blur to give Fox's skin a flawless, glowing finish.