This New Line Is Both Elevated and Sexy—I'm Opening My Wallet as We Speak



I'm going to be honest with you: "Sexy" is not a term I use very often to describe my style. This doesn't mean that I've never worn outfits that other people would describe as sexy. It just means the word itself is not yet ingrained in my vocabulary. Why, then, have I chosen to put it in big, bold letters in this headline? The answer is simple: There is truly no other way to describe Boohoo's new fall collection. This collaboration with none other than WWW July cover star Megan Fox is the perfect capsule of sexy yet elevated looks. Fox has dominated this style both on and off screen, and it's about time she shared some pieces with us. I mean, what better way to embrace a new season than by adopting that bold, fearless Megan Fox attitude? The blazers, cut-out dresses, and faux-leather trench coats in this collab are bound to keep you feeling confident and sexy despite the colder temperatures. Take a look at some of my favorites while I sit here and enter my credit card details.