I Studied 47 Medicine Cabinet Instagrams, and These Products Were in 90% of Them

There's something very voyeuristic about peeking into someone's medicine cabinet, which is probably why it's become such an Instagram sensation. While I'd never open it up at a dinner party, if someone posts one on their feed for all the world to see, you can bet I'm zooming in. Being the medicine cabinet stalker that I am, I'm quite familiar with the products people fill them with, and some of the similarities are just impossible to miss. 

You've probably noticed that, thanks to the popularity of Instagram, beauty products are far more aesthetically pleasing than they used to be. But the beauty of it is that what's inside is usually as effective as the bottle is chic. Thanks to my exhaustive research (I know, tough gig), I've rounded up the most popular medicine cabinet products on Instagram. Not only will they make your bathroom more photogenic, but they'll make you more photogenic. Shop the medicine cabinet–worthy pics below.


(Image credit: @makeupsessions)

Anything Drunk Elephant (But Especially Babyfacial)

Anything Drunk Elephant (But Especially Babyfacial)


(Image credit: @melissaorons)

Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré

Anything Glossier

Ouai Wave Spray


(Image credit: @katherinepower)

Versed Serums


(Image credit: @emily_ferber)

Vintner's Daughter Active Botanical Serum

Empty Diptyque Candle Jars


(Image credit: @allypayer)

Tatcha The Dewey Skin Cream

Supergoop! Sunscreen


(Image credit: @abbymariehardie)

Herbivore Mists and Masks


(Image credit: @loulovesskincare)

Anything Glow Recipe

Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask


(Image credit: @amy_lawrenson)

Byredo Fragrances

Dr. Barbara Strum Drops and Creams


(Image credit: @allisonmcnamara )

La Mer Cream

Sunday Riley Good Genes and Tidal

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