The New Cult T-Shirt That Is So Pretty You Might Just Want to Frame It

Just when you think the slogan T-shirt thing might be about to slow down, another cult tee starts making waves on Instagram. Instead of catchy slogans or flashy logos, the latest It tee could be considered a little more "high brow," as it is inspired by the work of artist Henri Matisse. The colourful print is based on The Parakeet and the Mermaid, one of Matisse's most-loved cut-outs. The £35 T-shirt, which is made in Atlanta by Futr Studios might now be all sold out, but judging by the amount of these tees we've spied on Instagram, we're hoping it'll be back in stock. It's so pretty we think it'd look just as good on our walls, as in our wardrobes. Keep scrolling to see how the Instagram crowd is wearing the T-shirt. 


(Image credit: @maria_bernad)


(Image credit: @mari_malibu)

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(Image credit: @claartjerose)

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