Celebrities Can't Stop Wearing This 2-Piece Outfit Combo

There’s a foolproof outfit formula celebrities return to again and again. It’s stylish and cool, but it’s also pretty effortless. We’re talking about matching two-piece outfits. And we especially think the combo works when the look centers around a crop top.

Celebs like Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner have the crop top–and-skirt outfit down. Bella recently stepped out in a patent-leather version, while Kendall opted for a vintage red-and-white tweed Chanel suit. The crop tops layered underneath each of their matching sets make them feel fresh. Also trying out the combination, J.Lo and Emily Ratajkowski opted for pants with their two-piece looks. Want to see how to wear the trend?

Keep reading to see how celebs are wearing the two-piece outfit combo, and shop 19 of our favorite looks.