Every Editor I Know Buys M&S Lingerie—Here Are the 24 Best New-In Pieces

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We often talk about the foundational pieces that great wardrobes are built upon, and one of the most important pillars is lingerie. Finding the right size bra is not only important for maintaining healthy breast tissue, but ill-fitting underwear can change your whole silhouette. So whether you're on the hunt for an everyday T-shirt bra or indulging in a fancier style, finding the perfect fit couldn't be easier thanks to the experts at Marks & Spencer.


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Marks & Spencer is one of the most versatile stores on the high street. We find ourselves turning to the brand for everything from timeless classics to trending styles to expensive-looking basics to lingerie. For over 95 years, M&S has led the way in providing well-fitting lingerie styles ranging from everyday comforts to those extra-special sets. Finding the perfect fit is just as essential as finding the perfect style. Thankfully, you can go to the store or book a virtual appointment to find the ultimate fit. As underwear is such an essential, Marks & Spencer has ensured its selection of lingerie works for everyone—and all at an affordable price point.


(Image credit: Courtesy of Marks & Spencer)

Marks & Spencer is on a mission to provide bras for everyone. With post-surgery bras, nursing bras and first bras in its affordable lingerie selection, it's one of the most diverse lingerie offerings on the market, and that's precisely what we like to see.

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When it comes to everyday underwear, comfort is key. Thankfully, M&S has an array of comfortable yet stylish bras that provide all the support you need and won't show under your clothing.


In all its clothing categories, Marks & Spencer works to ensure that every size is accounted for, and lingerie is no exception. For those with more to work with, M&S offers every iteration from everyday to strapless and from plain to beautifully detailed, all with extra support for a fuller bust.


With spring days just around the corner, a strapless bra becomes even more essential. For off-the-shoulder tops or racerback styles, these strapless bras will provide all of the support.


If you fancy something a little more, well, fancy, then a lace bra is a great place to start. You'll find plenty of beautiful styles at affordable prices, making your indulgent bra purse-friendly, too. 


M&S has created a range of specially designed post-surgery bras to provide comfort and support when you need it most. The soft fabrics are gentle on scar tissue, and the insert pockets allow for prosthesis to be added.


Specialised nursing bras are designed with adjustable clasps to make feeding easy and comfortable. The smooth and structured finish allows them to be worn discreetly under clothing.


Although we've focused on the brilliant bra selection of M&S, we'd be amiss to overlook the strong underwear selection. 

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