The Only Product You Need in Your Bag, According to a Celeb Makeup Artist

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Let's face it: We're all busy. Between long hours at the office, looking after little ones at home, breakfast meetings, after-work drinks with friends, exercise classes and QT with the family, it can all be pretty overwhelming at times. Which is why I was so excited to learn that the newest product drop from Marc Jacobs Beauty had been specially created with girls on the go in mind.

To find out more, I was lucky enough to catch up with celebrity makeup artist Morgane Martini. Not only is Martini the Global Artistry Ambassador for Marc Jacobs Beauty but she's also painted the faces of everyone from Ashley Graham to Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. I spent the afternoon with her trying out the new launch for myself and discovering exactly why she thinks it's the only product you need in your handbag.


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So what is this exciting new launch that busy girls everywhere are going to be running out to buy? Drum roll, please… Introducing the new Marc Jacobs Beauty Accomplice Concealer & Touch-Up Stick. A creamy, long-wear concealer, it's a super-blendable formula that stays put for 12 hours and covers everything from dark circles and blemishes to fine lines and redness. Plus it's available in 17 versatile shades that focus on skin colour and undertone so you can find your perfect match.

"This collection was really made for the girl on the go, so the idea is that you can put this in your bag [and] do a touch-up in the cab or wherever you need it," explains Martini. "I love this concealer because it's a super-creamy texture. It's a medium to full coverage, but it's totally something that can be adjusted. If you have really dry skin, I recommend that you apply a good cream as a base and then you apply this over it," says Martini. Keep scrolling for her top tips on how to use the concealer when you're in a rush.

1. Apply it with your fingers


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Martini is a fan of both makeup brushes and fingers for makeup application, but she loves stick formulations in general because you can really play with that texture, and for that, you need to use your fingers. "You can sheer it out if you need to, but you can also pile it on. The texture is still going to look really nice and fresh, which I love," says Martini.

"I love when a product is manoeuvrable so I can do more coverage or less coverage" explains Martini. I have to agree that the Accomplice Concealer is incredibly creamy. It glides under my eyes to disguise dark circles with little effort, yet it still packs enough pigment to cover up blemishes. And personally I've found that the warmth of my fingertips really helps the product to mesh with my skin for a natural finish."

2. Use light layers


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Depending on where you're applying the concealer, Martini advises that you might want to adjust the amount that you apply. "Under the eye, I usually keep it more light," Martini says. "It really covers where you need it to—redness, and if you have blemishes, it will cover it."

For the most natural results, Martini recommends that you always start with a light hand. "A little goes a long way," she explains. "Start with not much and then build, rather than putting too much and then struggling to blend it. I think that's the first mistake for anything with makeup. People put too much and then struggle to make it work, [so] that's one rule I always apply."

3. Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise 


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In terms of prepping your skin for concealer, Martini sang the praises of one key product: moisturiser. "That's a mistake most women do, as they pile on stuff and complain it dries out their skin," Martini says. "No, it's just your skin is dry so the product is drinking up whatever it can. So sometimes foundation will be sucked into the skin because there wasn't prior moisture. Priming the skin is very important."

4. Use it to contour



When is a concealer not a concealer? When it's a contour stick, of course. "You can also use it as a contour stick," Martini tells me after showing me the campaign imagery shot above. "I'm not a contour girl that much, but if you want [to create] a subtle contour, you can. Let's say, you're buying two shades—one for the winter and one for the summer—then your summer shade can be your contour. It's going to be the same texture so it's not going to look overly done."

5. Finish with powder


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Yes, powder might have a bit of a bad rep for being chalky and matte, but there's a new launch from Marc Jacobs Beauty changing the game: the Accomplice Instant Blurring Beauty Powder and brush. "Basically, there's a little pearl finish to it which is going to keep the sheen to the skin," explains Martini. "It’s going to control the shine in the areas where you want that, but it's going to keep that dewy feeling too."

As for where to apply it? Think of it as a blotting paper, Martini tells me. "I personally just use it on my forehead; on my T-zone," she says. "It's a quick fix. It's not for a full-matte effect; it's when you want to kill that excessive shine but don't want to ruin the dewiness." Keep scrolling to shop the new Accomplice collection and a few of Martini's other favourite products from Marc Jacobs Beauty…

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