And Now, the First 37 Mango Items I'm Shopping in 2023


Mango; PICTURED: Mango 100% Leather Bomber ($400) 

Last summer, when Mango launched its premiere line selection, I was all over it. Wool miniskirts with matching menswear-inspired coats, chrome-toe pumps, waistcoat suits, and more—the collection included everything I wanted to buy at the time, and though the price tag was slightly higher than Mango's standard range, the pieces had the quality to back them up. Now, just in time for spring, the Spanish brand's gone and done it all over again. 

Selection's second collection arrived early this week and is already showing signs of one-upping the first. Those Miu Miu–inspired knee-length, low-rise, pleated skirts that everyone and their sister are scouring the internet for? They're in there. Metallic accessories, including a $100 pair of Mary Jane ballet flats? They're in there. Sheer lace, chunky silver jewelry, floor-length slips, and super-strappy heels all, too, made the cut. In fewer words, for the second time in a row, Mango's dropped an offering full of all the pieces I want at the moment. And I get the feeling that I'm not the only one. 

Scroll down to shop the first Mango items I'm shopping this year. 

A tissue-thin turtleneck makes for the perfect layering piece. 

I can't stop talking about these. 

These flats are going to sell out, it's just a matter of when. 

A miniskirt worth adding to your closet. 

Whenever I scout a really good tank, I stock up. 

Belts are too often slept on. Let's change that. 

Pencil skirts are getting a makeover in 2023. 

Finally, a tie-dye technique that feels fresh and modern. 

It's giving dark-academia vibes. 

The sheer look is everywhere right now. 

Compliments will be in abundance. 

We as a collective need to wear more bracelets. 

It's never a bad idea to have a formal dress in your wardrobe for last-minute occasions.

The 2023 way to wear a suit always includes a waistcoat.

Most leather blazers feel more 2020 than 2023, but this worn-in alt is surprisingly fresh. 

These will dress up even the most casual jeans-and-tee outfits. 

Low-rise maxis are all anyone's talking about in the Who What Wear NYC office lately. 

Size up to get that "oversize but still tailored" look. 

Now to find a cocktail hour to wear this to…

Pair this with a low-rise statement skirt to get the Valentino look. 

Longer, fuller skirts are 2023's alternative to micro minis. 

A fresh take on the high-low hemline of the '00s. 

If I didn't know better, I'd assume this necklace cost at least four times this much. 

Style these easily with vintage jeans and a poplin shirt. 

All of a sudden I'm craving pistachio ice cream. 

A chicer alt for an all-black suit. 

Shop the matching Straight Suit Pants ($130).