I Polled 5 Celebrity Makeup Artists to Find Out Which Trends Will Define 2022

The influence of trends in the beauty space will never expire. That said, in the past few years, there's been a "relaxation," if you will, as far as their rigidity. After all, beauty—and the trends society looks to in order to define it—is hardly one-size-fits-all, and any previous notion that it should be has become glaringly obsolete. (I mean, thank God, right?) 

Over the past few years, we've seen celebrities take far more daring risks with their beauty aesthetics on the red carpet, and ultra-creative, veritably "wild" makeup MOs have become a beloved signature of popular TV shows like Euphoria and Bridgerton. Beauty should be fun, not prescriptive, and if 2022's defining trends are any indication, we're sure to see a lot more of that exploration in the months to come.  

"If social media has taught us anything, it's that trends are dying," agrees celebrity makeup artist Sam Fine. "Consumers are more concerned about what works best for their daily routine and are less concerned about following the masses. Just experiment and enjoy!" 

Of course, as we mentioned earlier, trends will always be a thing, and while they may be less dogmatic in this day and age, they can certainly inspire us when it comes to creativity and shopping for new beauty staples. We might only be a couple of months into 2022, but the year's biggest trends have already established themselves with vigor, and below, five top makeup artists share which trends, in particular, they think will truly epitomize the rest of the year. Keep scrolling!

High-Glare Lips

Makeup Trends 2022



"High-shine lips are expected to make a major comeback in every shade imaginable," says celebrity makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic. "It’s a look that’s playful and pouty, but lots of formulas give you even more lip benefits by being formulated with skincare-grade ingredients."

To create a high-shine finish over your favorite matte lipstick, Dedivanovic recommends layering on a mega-watt gloss to create a multidimensional, glossy effect. Or opt for a tinted balm or lipstick that's already imbued with lots of luminosity. (We're currently infatuated with Sisley Paris's new Phyto-Rouge Shine Lipsticks, $60.)

Monochromatic Mauves

"I think mauve tones are going to be a big trend in 2022," Dedivanovic predicts. "A gorgeous, dusty mauve shade is pretty whether worn on eyes, cheeks, lips, or as a monochromatic look. Try using my Soft Pop Powder Blush in Mellow Mauve ($24) for a soft mauve makeup vibe."

Hybrid Skincare + Makeup

According to Fine, there will also be a continued emphasis on skincare-studded makeup products this year. "Since COVID, skincare and maintenance have been on the rise; that trend won't stop in 2022!" Fine explains.

"Makeup products that have benefits beyond color and coverage, like ingredients that help improve the appearance of hyperpigmentation, will continue their momentum. For instance, Fashion Fair's Crème to Powder Skin Foundation ($37) contains vitamin C, turmeric, and resorcinols known to deliver a triple-powered brightening boost that helps improve the appearance of hyperpigmentation and diminish uneven skin tones."

Embellished Complexions

Makeup Trends 2022: embellished complexions



"People want to regain and claim their individuality by tailoring their beauty looks to be more creative and unique," says celebrity makeup artist Carolina Dali. "Going on three years of this pandemic, we’ve been concealing most of our faces under masks, which is necessary for our own well-being and that of others. After years of blending in and looking almost unidentifiable, many of us want to stand out and set ourselves apart. We’re seeing that with applications of pearls, crystals, gold foil, etc., on the eyes and even on unexpected places like lips, cheeks, bridge of the nose, brows… Anything goes!"

Y2K Brows

Makeup Trends 2022: y2k eyebrows



We've said it before, and we'll say it again: The beauty looks that defined the '90s and early aughts are back with a vengeance, and yes, even the more polarizing trends—like, ahem, thin brows—are making a comeback. 

"Everything about the early 2000s is hot right now, and I foresee early 2000s beauty having as big of a moment as the fashion, starting with thin brows," confirms Dali. "Yes, we’ve been obsessed with full, bushy brows for years now, but I’m not suggesting you overly tweeze or wax your brows (unless that’s your vibe and what you want to do). That said, if your brows are naturally thin, embrace it! Let’s think about all of the beauty icons who have thin brows: Bella Hadid, Lindsey Wixson, Kate Moss, Angelina Jolie… I can’t imagine any of them with super-full brows, and their signature thin shape beautifully complements their features. Beauty trends are never one-size-fits-all. To everyone with naturally thin brows, it is your time to shine!"

Of course, regardless of how thin or thick your natural brows are, a great arsenal of brow-grooming products will always be clutch—shop our must-haves below.

Frosted Lids

Makeup Trends 2022: frosted lips



Dali agrees that glamour with a capital G will be one of 2022's defining beauty trends. In other words, get ready to play and to have lots of fun with your beauty and makeup MO. 

"Twenty twenty-two is all about glamour, especially via frosted, metallic, and sparkly eye shadows," says Dali. "We’re still wearing masks, so there will continue to be a strong focus on eyes. I foresee people experimenting more with color as well. Sparkly/frosted shadows are wonderful for brightening and opening up the eyes. I like to concentrate the shadow on the center of the eyelids and inner corners, a technique that helps open up and brighten the eyes." 

Camouflaged Contour

Makeup Trends 2022: camouflaged contour



While contouring will never go out of vogue completely—it can do amazing things in the sculpting-and-lifting arena, after all—the 2022 approach will look noticeably softer and more natural, according to both Dedivanovic and Dali. 

"We will see less of the drawn-on contour makeup made famous by reality and Instagram stars," Dali tells us. "Instead, we're taking a more natural and softer approach. I’m obsessed with the Westman Atelier Face Trace Contour Stick ($48)—it looks so natural on you can’t even tell that it’s there."

Molten Eye Shadow Formulas

Makeup Trends 2022: molten eyeshadow formulas



We've seen more and more brands venture into the liquid eye shadow arena in the past few years, and according to celebrity makeup artist Brandy Allen, this trend will only continue. 

"Twenty twenty-two will be a year of more expression in my opinion," Allen explains. "Liquid eye shadows are a must in my kit. They are so easy to apply with the best color payout, and usually, one layer of product is enough! I’m obsessed with Haus Laboratories Glam Attack Liquid Shimmer Eyeshadows ($20). They are creamy, non-creasing, and don’t dry up. The colors are so versatile for every skin tone and occasion. I love using these for red carpets and weddings."

Retro-Inspired Matte Skin

Makeup Trends 2022: retro-inspired matte skin


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Aka, Cindy Crawford and Naomi Campbell circa the '80s and '90s. "We love dewy skin and glow, but matte skin is a trend I am falling back in love with," shares Allen. "It gives OG-supermodel-skin vibes, and I’m here for it this year!"

To avoid looking too matte (the trend can veer chalky fast), opt for a mattifying primer paired with a non-matte foundation, or try a powder finish foundation like MAC's iconic formula, per Allen's pro recommendation. "I use this foundation by itself because the coverage is full and the color range has expanded over the years. It is one of my favorite powder foundations, and the wear will last all day or night," she says. 

Playing Up Your Natural Lashes

Makeup Trends 2022: playing up your natural lashes


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"This year, I think we will see fewer falsies and extensions and more emphasis on natural lashes," muses celebrity makeup artist Mélanie Inglessis. "Enhance and accept your natural lashes. From clumpy to long to fluffy to spider-like, lashes in all forms will be a major makeup trend in 2022. I'm also loving the look of different shades on your top and bottom lashline—L'Oréal makes some great options—from electric blue to rich violet."

Next-Level Blush

"We're taking blush to another level this year," Inglessis adds. "I love using creams and water-based formulas to create a wash of color, like a painting. You can really have fun playing with shapes and placement. I love Glossier's Cloud Paint—they are water-based and feel like skin—and Armani Beauty's Neo Nude Color Melting Cream Blush. Try applying your blush to the apple of the cheeks or higher up on the cheekbone, toward the temple, where your highlighter normally goes."