Megan Fox's Makeup Artist Recommends These Strategic Tweaks Once You Hit 30

Here's a little piece of honesty for you. Whenever someone tries to say there's an explicit list of dos and don'ts when it comes to aging—and as it pertains to beauty, specifically—I pretty much want to flick my middle finger up and (figuratively) leave the room. Sure, there are plenty of tips and tricks world-renowned skin experts, hairstylists, and makeup artists may impart to help us feel our absolute best as the years go by, but I staunchly believe there should never be a sense of guilt or pressure when it comes to our stance on beauty. Especially, in terms of makeup.

By the time we reach the end of our 20s, many of us have pretty much honed our makeup aesthetic—if we have one—the types of products we either love or can't stand, the shades that flatter our skin's undertone or seemingly clash, even strategic application techniques that help enhance our favorite features. That said, as someone who is fairly close to entering her third decade, I have noticed that certain favorites I've had in the past all of a sudden don't do it for me. The finish of a foundation that I used to love starts to make my skin look a little bit meh, or a past penchant for go-big-or-go-home lashes seems like too much damn work.


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Of course, I know I could figure out how to alter my routine by myself, but if I have the chance to glean some expert insight from a professional makeup artist who works with tons of amazing clients who are in the same age bracket, why wouldn't I want to tune in? To uncover some of the most strategic 30s-centric makeup and beauty hacks, I reached out to celebrity makeup artist Tobi Henney who also just so happens to be Megan Fox's makeup artist. (I don't know about you, but I've wanted to know all of her beauty secrets since Holiday in The Sun circa 2001). Ahead, seven stealthy tweaks you can make in your 30s (if you want, of course), plus eight specific products Henney highly recommends. Keep scrolling!

7 Strategic Makeup Tweaks to Try in Your 30s

Tweak #1: Downsize Your Product Routine (AKA Less Is More)

According to Henney (and so many other makeup artists I've chatted with over the years), you're doing yourself a disservice if you think the amount of product you wear should increase in tandem with your age. In fact, it's quite the opposite! We begin to develop more fine lines, wrinkles, and texture issues as we get older, all of which typically become more noticeable the more makeup we wear. Sad, but true. 

"Less is definitely more!" confirms Henney. "I find that the heavier the makeup is, the older a person looks." Instead of opting for full coverage foundations, consider opting for something a tad lighter, like a BB Cream or CC Cream. Or, try mixing your favorite foundation with your moisturizer to help diffuse the coverage. Another tip? You don't necessarily need to apply foundation to your entire face, only where you need it! The focus should be on evening out your skin tone, and not covering it entirely. 

Tweak #2: Prioritize Hydration, Especially Under Your Eyes

Even though everyone with skin should be moisturizing their face, the ritual becomes all the more important as we age—even as soon as our 30s! That said, one important tip that pertains to your makeup is ensuring you're paying special attention to your skin's dewpoint around the eye area, specifically. This will make concealer and other eye makeup products look less obvious and more natural. "The more hydrated the skin, the more youthful you will look," adds Henney. 

Tweak #3: Make Blush a Focal Point

Right off the bat, Henney tells me to wear blush. "Wear blush! Blush instantly creates a more youthful appearance," she extolls. Of course, there are plenty of amazing options on the market right now (there's definitely been a blush boom in recent years), but cream or liquid formulas can be extra strategic, especially if you're dealing with dry or mature skin. 

Tweak #4: Go to Sleep in A+ Skincare

If you didn't adopt an intentional nighttime skincare routine in your 20s, it's a good idea once your 30s roll around. "If you want your makeup to look good—no matter what you're wearing—I highly recommend having a great nighttime skincare routine," Henney shares. "If you sleep in amazing skincare, it will help your makeup look better and better as your skin's general condition improves."

Tweak #5: Wear Red (On Your Lips, That Is)

One more time for the people in the back: your age has absolutely nothing to do with the colors you "can" or "can't" wear. (To *kind of* quote Elle Woods, whoever said we should shy away from bold hues as we get older was seriously disturbed.) In fact, according to Henney, incorporating bright, vibrant makeup hues will actually make us look younger. "Wear a red lip—it suits everyone!" Oh, and if you're wondering which shade of crimson she likes to use on Fox, it's the above!

"By your 30s, you should know what tones and shades suit your specific coloring," says Henney. "Work on figuring out what you like and what suits you, and stick to that. Makeup trends come and go, so stick to what makes you look your best!" Can we get an Amen?

Tweak #7: Your Skincare Collection Should Eclipse Your Makeup Collection

Are you noticing a trend here? Like, say, that your skincare practices might just eclipse your makeup practices? Of course, what products you use and how you can apply them can have a lot of influence, but the health of your skin and how you prepare it before you put on your makeup is just as, or maybe even more, important. 

"I am obsessed with Augustinus Bader's The Cream ($265), which is better if you're oily, and The Rich Cream ($265) which is better if you have mature skin or are on the drier side," says Henney. "I also used the Victoria Beckham by Augustinus Bader Cell Rejuvenating Priming Moisturizer in Golden ($145) on Megan while filming Till Death and Midnight in The Switch Grass. It’s amazing under foundation as a primer stacked with skincare benefits."

And Now, 8 Key Makeup Products to Try in Your 30s

A Creamy Contouring Product

A Super-Smooth Lip Liner

A Neutral Eye Shadow Base

A Créme de la Crème Concealer

An Ultra-Fine Loose Setting Powder

A Natural-Looking Bronze & Highlight

A Smudge-Proof Mascara

A Glow-Enhancing Elixir for the Face & Body

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