Why Breaking In Your Shoes Will Ruin Your Feet

We’ve all been there—suffering through pain for days (or sometimes weeks) at a time trying to break in uncomfortable new shoes. While it seems smart in theory to wear a pair of shoes enough that they’re finally bearable to walk in, it’s actually quite terrible for your feet.

According to Profoot’s Dr. Jackie Sutera, foot pain is not normal. “Anytime you experience pain, it’s your body’s way of telling you that there is something wrong,” she said. “Ignoring foot pain can lead to injury and chronic problems also affecting ankles, knees, hips, back, and the way you walk.” Essentially, if a pair of shoes hurt your feet when you try them on, you should just avoid purchasing them altogether.

“Breaking shoes in is a really bad idea, and I don’t recommend buying shoes that don’t fit in the store,” Dr. Sutera further explained. “Sometimes shoes that are comfy initially become uncomfortable after a day of wearing them.” If you are feeling pain over time, there are ways to make your shoes feel a bit more comfortable. Dr. Sutera suggests investing in shoe stretchers to make heels feel less tight, trying gels and moleskin for pesky blisters, and orthotics for generalized arch support and cushioning.

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Opening Image: A Love Is Blind