20 Machine-Washable Black Dresses That Are Actually Chic


Timur Emek/Getty Images

The beauty of black dresses lies in the fact that they're as versatile as can be. And as we all saw at the recent Golden Globes, with the help of interesting accessories and footwear, they're anything but boring. Thanks to their versatility, you probably reach for your black dresses a lot, which means that they may need to be cleaned a bit more frequently than some of the other pieces in your closet, so it can be understandably frustrating when your favorite black dress is constantly in the dry cleaning pile.

Luckily, the solution is simple: machine-washable black dresses. We found 20 stylish black dresses, many of which you won't believe are machine-washable, so you'll never be without them for an extended period of time again. If you're tired of trekking to the dry cleaner and giving them your hard-earned cash, keep scrolling to shop 20 machine-washable black dresses that are worth every penny.