LoveShackFancy Released a Fragrance Line (and It Smells Like Falling in Love)

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LoveShackFancy serves as a pure expression of femininity in its simplest form. Known for its signature blush-toned hues, ribbons, tulle, and picturesque store facades sprinkled across the country (and in the U.K.); the brand is perhaps most recognizable by its signature ditsy floral prints. Florals are at the heart of the LoveShackFancy universe so much so that they kicked off their tenth anniversary with the launch of a line of beauty products featuring three Sephora-exclusive fragrances. Founder and creative director Rebecca Hessel Cohen gave us the inside scoop on the development process. Spoiler: it involves nonstop florals!


Courtesy of LoveShackFancy

"When we started the process, we didn't know we were going to end up with three scents. But the more we thought about it, the more we realized that it made sense to explore different aspects of LoveShackFancy in beauty," Cohen tells us. "I think of each fragrance as it connects to different parts of your personality and different moments of your life." While each blooming floral fragrance is presented in similar vintage-inspired bottles topped with a bow, the scents within couldn't be any more different.

The presentation of the fragrances alone are enough to inspire an entirely revamped wardrobe. Head-to-toe florals and frills? Yes, please! "As we were developing the fragrances and the bottles, I was always connecting them to different moments of my life, and thinking of the outfits that went with them," says Cohen. While I'm normally partial to the barely-there bottle styles filling my perfume cabinet, I couldn't help but fall in love with the charming design of the perfume bottles. They've since earned themselves a permanent spot on my vanity.



But the charm of this trio of fragrances doesn't end with their unique shabby-chic design. For Cohen, each fragrance draws from a lived experience; evoking the emotions associated with simple pleasures. "I have always wanted to make people feel beautiful and confident in their own skin, so I really want the fragrances to feel that way, too," Cohen enthuses. "I am also profoundly nostalgic and have always loved how perfumes can transport you to a moment—to when you last wore the dress, wandered through the garden, or smelled the sun on your skin." This sentiment is echoed by the brand's mission to draw inspiration from the strength of femininity and vintage-inspired aesthetics and.

I can say with confidence that from the moment I opened the box the fragrances arrived in (pretty and pink, of course), I felt like I was experiencing something beyond the act of untying the silk bow on its package. I was transported from my home office to a rose garden. Yes, I've come into contact with countless perfumes that excite the senses; but this was the first time I was reminded of how much I love emotionally charged olfactory experiences. We all remember how it felt to receive and wear our first ever fragrances, right?

Bohème is my favorite of the three and could only be described as a classic, yet, woodsy floral that evokes the best Taylor Swift "Folklore" vibes. One spray of this sent me reaching for the coziest cardigan in my collection. Ripe with notes of juicy blackcurrant and pink apple balanced by airy florals and woods; Bohème is LoveShackFancy's answer to the ideal fall fragrance for powdered rose lovers. Cohen describes the scent as "always in pursuit of travel and wanderlust. It’s innately cool and charming and sexy, with peony, blackcurrant and amber." The bottle is the perfect baby blue, and features a pattern reminiscent of French toile (which, of course, LoveShackFancy never shies away from).

Dreamy and elegant, LoveShackFancy's Moondance is my pick for the perfect night out fragrance. "Moondance is more mysterious and glamorous, channeling late nights on the dance floor and letting loose with velvet rose, magnolia and dreamy sandalwood," says Cohen about this fragrance. I didn't expect this one to be as sensual as it was, but I was pleasantly surprised! The velvety smooth rose note is accompanied by pink rhubarb, magnolia, and oakmoss; making this one a must-have for anyone looking for a warm and romantic fragrance with a hint of sparkle.

Lastly, we have the sweet and fruity addition to the trio, Forever In Love. "Forever In Love is your everyday scent. Your first love, your first kiss, your first brush with romance. It's so open and optimistic, with gardenia, green pear and cedarwood," explains Cohen. I first picked up on the vibrant green pear note before the scent gave way to white gardenia, Italian mandarin, jasmine, and of course, rose petals. The dry down revealed another unexpected, yet highly complimentary note—cedarwood. To me, of all the fragrances, the rose bud design featured on this bottle is the most reminiscent of the floral designs we love from LoveShackFancy.

I'm absolutely in love with LoveShackFancy Beauty's first trio of fragrances, and I can't wait to see what they have in store for us in the next ten years. LoveShackFancy is truly a gift that keeps on giving. If you're interested in discovering more from the brand, keep scrolling!

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