I've Lived in L.A. for 30 Years—I Never Wear These Items, But I Love These 5

Janet Gunn is one of the Los Angeles–based influencers we routinely turn to for effortless sartorial guidance. She actually moved to California 30 years ago from Texas. "An L.A.-style vibe is engrained in my DNA after all of these years," she said. "SoCal fashion is very much about evolving with trends but putting a personal spin on them."

Given her unique sense of style, we thought we'd gain even more inspiration by asking her about the key staples she's currently wearing or has worn for years for her life in Los Angeles. Alternatively, we thought it could be interesting to learn about the items she may have once worn a lot but is currently storing aside. Of course, remember that you should always wear whatever speaks to you, no matter what anyone says.

With all that in mind, keep scrolling to check out five pieces Gunn isn't as into along with the items she loves that could actually easily transition from summer to fall. 

Wearing: Oversize Shirts
Not Wearing as Much: Tailored Shirts

On Gunn: River Island shirt

"I favor an oversize button-down shirt rather than a traditional, tailored look. L.A. style is less about fussy and more about a loose style for comfort and mobility."

On Gunn: Banjanan dress

"Here in L.A., the weather is mild year-round, so I love long, flowy dresses and skirts that I can transition into the next season just by changing up my shoes and throwing on a jacket or light cardigan. I also like a shirtdress style for an easy 'run around town' look."

On Gunn: Matteau skirt

Wearing: Sneakers and Lower-Profile Heels
Not Wearing as Much: Super-High Stilettos

On Gunn: Golden Goose sneakers

"L.A. is all about being fashionable but not looking like you tried too hard. While there is a time and place for a high-heeled shoe, my go-to L.A. look is more focused on style and comfort. A sneaker or a lower-profile or block heel can still make a statement, and my feet are much happier, too."

Wearing: High-Waisted, Straight-Leg Pants
Not Wearing as Much: Mid-Rise Skinny Jeans

On Gunn: H&M jeans

"High-waisted, straight-leg pants are my go-to right now. From denim to trousers, I'm loving this trend! This style elongates my legs and accentuates my waist, and the straight fit gives me a bit more breathing room, too."

Wearing: Small, Structured Bags
Not Wearing as Much: Massive Totes

On Gunn: Polène bag

"Unless I'm going to the beach or catching a plane flight, you won't find me carrying an 'everything but the kitchen sink' bag. I ditched oversize bags in favor of smaller, more structured ones years ago, and I'm not looking back. Well, never say never, but for now, I much prefer something more totable and less backbreaking that fits just the essentials."