I Live in London, and This Is How to Wear Summer's Biggest Trends

Take a quick glance at London-based digital marketing consultant Chloé Pierre’s Instagram feed and it’s pretty obvious that she has an undeniably cool style. From her proclivity towards the latest trends to the way she infuses classic basics into her of-the-moment looks, a lot can be learned from following her fashionable pursuits. This skillset of hers is precisely why I wanted to tap her for a story and was beyond thrilled when she agreed to indulge us. 

Fast-forward to today. Below you'll find not just the seven summer trends Chloé is backing this time around, but also her take on each one and, of course, a glimpse at how she's wearing them during her everyday life in London. For her on-the-mark commentary on tennis style (which, by the way, is suddenly everywhere), her favorite outfit of the year, and more, simply keep scrolling. 

The Trend: Tennis Style

"Whilst the history of the typical, all-white tennis look is quite elite, styling this look on a plus-size body whilst roaming the streets of London makes a statement. Everyone can be considered an athlete regardless of body shape, background, class… But it just so happens that I'm defying the odds and making it look so effortless in the process."

"Strappy heels are sexy yet supportive and with a kitten heel, make it a practical outfit addition. I think that pretty much defines the modern-day London female."

The Trend: Athletic Shorts

"This is my favorite outfit styling of summer 2020. It confidently nods to every part of my character and alludes to a more recognizable London style—one of this generation."

The Trend: Slip Dresses

"Slip dresses will forever be a thing. I love any garment that slips on within seconds, hugs every body shape and adds a casual allure or drama but nothing quite does this like the slip dress. Wear with trainers, boots, sandals, or heels. It looks great in any way and works for every single possible occasion."

The Trend: Oversize Button-Downs

"It doesn't get more simple yet fresh than this. This is 'the fashion influencer from Hackney takes a trip outside London for the day look but just in case she has to jump on a Zoom call, she knows she's got it.' Also, if she stays out all night, she definitely has a second outfit to wear thanks to the layering of this look."

The Trend: Matching Swimsuits + Cover-Ups

"Co-ords are life! Co-ords are effortless dressing 101 for style connoisseurs everywhere, but for a Londoner, this look instantly packs a silent punch!"

The Trend: Denim Bermudas

"These shorts are so versatile. I am proud to say, this is the third year and summer of wearing these nod-to-the-'90s Bermuda shorts and I never get tired of finding ways to style them."