I Spent Hours Searching Online to Find 10 Loc Hairstyle Looks Worth Trying

Dreadlocks, or locs, have long been a popular natural style thanks to their versatility and position as a culturally and historically significant hairstyle for people with afro hair textures. 

Although the "perfect" loc is subjective, ideally, the end result sees afro hair formed into rope-like strands that are created when the hair locks into itself. The process of creating locs can last months (and that's just for starters), with the ultimate goal of achieving beautiful mature locs that, although not always easy to grow or maintain, are well worth the wait especially for the summer months.


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The loc-ing process can begin via numerous ways, with some loc wearers opting simply to stop combing through their hair in order to form "freeform" locs (think Jay Z), which then vary in shape and size. Thanks in part to the natural-hair movement of the '00s, there's been an uptick in more cultivated looks over the past few years with neat, even partings and a uniform size to each loc.

Typically, the tighter the natural curl pattern, the faster the hair will lock, which is one of the reasons the style is beloved by those of us with kinky hair textures who can uniformly style their hair by simply palm-rolling sections. For people with looser hair textures, you may have to opt to use small braids as a base to begin your locs.


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Creating healthy and nourished locs that last the over the years is an art form, so noncommital faux locs—a style that weaves loc shapes over smaller singular braids—offer an easy way into a loc journey. Thanks to their continued rise in popularity, you can now find loc technicians like Regal Roots and on-demand services like Afrocks, so getting loc-ed in is easier than ever. 

Deciding to embark on a loc journey is one thing (faux or not), but landing on a preferred style is another, so keep scrolling for the loc styles that will have you rushing to book a salon slot, plus the products you need to help achieve the style and maintain it.

Scroll for the ultimate loc inspo:


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A natural balayage like Lisa Bonet's—actress and über-cool mother to Zoë Kravitz—may take a few years to form, but the end results speak for themselves.


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The OG queen of soul's natural black locs are a great starting point for anyone looking for a chic take on the style. 


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When Willow speaks, we listen. Although the budding (a term used for the early stages of loc) of locs can make styling difficult, wearing them free with a cool pair of shades is always a good idea. 


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Red carpet moments like this one from director Ava DuVernay are a retwist gold mine. So when planning your outfit for your next party or celebration, make sure to also pencil in a retwist. 


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Not ready to make locs your permanent style? Then take a leaf out of Zendaya's book and opt for faux or butterfly locs as an amuse-bouche of the style.


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Commitment to your locs only breeds good things like this utterly effortless red carpet updo. 


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Having mature locs in all their glory shouldn't mean an end to all styling options, a fact proven beautifully by our favourite Little Mermaid, Halle Bailey. 


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Shop the essential products:

How to maintain your loc style:

Locs can be cultivated by coiling, braiding, twisting or palm-rolling hair. Typically, this is through a series of stages (starter, budding, teen, mature and rooted), all of which take several months but open up a world of styling options, including roller sets, updos, hair jewelry and more. In order to get the very best styles, a strong foundation is paramount, so caring for your locs and scalp consistently is key. Scroll for my favourite loc-care products.

1. Kitsch Satin Sleep XL Adjustable Bonnet

2. Bragg's Apple Cider Vingear

3. Carol's Daughter Monoi Repairing Sulfate Free Shampoo

4. Bouclème Hydrating Hair Cleanser

5. Sunny Isle Jamaican Black Castor Oil

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