No Lie—These 15 Products Transformed My Flaky, Irritated Scalp

Being a beauty editor comes with its glamorous moments. From attending industry launch events to having access to new beauty products and getting to speak with hair, makeup and skin experts on the reg, there's never a dull moment on the job. You would be forgiven for assuming that someone in this line of work would have zero hair or skin issues given that we have access to the best beauty products and pros in the biz. I, however, have a slightly un-glamorous confession: I've experienced scalp issues for most of my adult life.

I've never gotten to the root cause, but every now and then, my scalp kicks off with irritation, dandruff and a persistent itch. And when you wear a uniform of black on the regular like me, it's quite mortifying to see little flakes gathering on your shoulders. It's usually during times of stress, but sometimes, it flares for no apparent reason—a bit like the eczema flares I'm prone to. 


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If you're experiencing scalp issues, I would highly recommend going to see a trichologist who will be able to identify exactly what might be causing it. Likewise, if you're experiencing hair loss or hair thinning, then I'd urge you to head in this direction in the first instant. Yes, a consultation can be an expensive upfront cost, but it can often save you a lot of money in the long run, as an expert can put you on the right path of treatment, which takes the guesswork (and money down the drain) out of the equation when buying products. You may well be recommended prescription treatment, but there are also plenty of over-the-counter options out there that have helped my scalp hugely. Ahead are 15 of the best scalp products that have left my irritated, flaky scalp cool, calm and collected.

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Eleanor Vousden
Beauty Editor, Who What Wear UK

Eleanor Vousden is the beauty editor for Who What Wear UK. She was previously deputy editor at Hairdressers Journal, health writer at Woman & Home and junior beauty editor at beauty website Powder. She has also contributed to Wallpaper and Elle Collections with written and styling work.Working as a beauty journalist since 2015 after graduating in fashion journalism at the London College of Fashion, she has been highly commended at the BSME Talent Awards for her work on Powder and also contributed to the title winning Website of the Year at the PPA Awards.Eleanor’s journalistic focus is to provide readers with honest and helpful beauty content. Through words, video and live broadcast, she has interviewed several celebrity makeup artists, hairstylists and top dermatologists throughout her career, as well as celebrities such as Sarah Jessica Parker and Scarlett Johansson. She has a particular interest in finding solutions for acne and eczema, which she has experienced firsthand. She has also amassed a large collection of fragrances and can never say no to a new candle.When she’s not writing or testing the latest beauty product or treatments, she’s on the seafront in her hometown of Brighton and Hove, where she lives with her partner and her miniature dachshund.