Hilary Duff Just Reunited With Gordo in a Very 2020 Lizzie McGuire Outfit

If you've read my Who What Wear stories, you might have caught on that I'm a bit of a TV enthusiast. I recently did a story on the grandma trends I'm stealing from The Golden Girls, and I also took outfit ideas from a trio of TV icons: Rory Gilmore, Rachel Green, and Hilary Banks. But now, I'm probably most excited about the Lizzie McGuire reboot that Hilary Duff is working on. 

Duff first announced the news back in August, and production has already started. She's been sharing tidbits of the filming, and today she blessed us with a real gem: She's reunited with Gordo, played by Adam Lamberg. A quick scan of his IMDb page shows that Lamberg has kept an extremely low profile since the Lizzie McGuire days and hasn't acted since 2008. Leave it to Duff to coax him back to a TV set to satisfy the dedicated Lizzie fans. Scroll down to see Duff's very Lizzie outfit, and shop the look for yourself.