5 Things Lizzie McGuire Would 100% Wear in 2019

Lizzie McGuire Outfits


AF archive / Alamy Stock Photo

In case you haven't heard, Lizzie McGuire is making a major comeback. Just recently, it was announced that the hit television series is getting a reboot starring none other than Hilary Duff. This time around, Lizzie will be a 30-year-old millennial living in New York City—and getting into all kinds of trouble if we know Lizzie like we think we know her. We already went over some of her best style moments from the show here, but today, we're going to further to hype you up for the remake by shopping out a master list of all the 2019 trends we think she would wear if she were a teenager right now. 

Ahead, shop the five trends we think Lizzie McGuire would rock and love the best in 2019. From zebra print to feathers, the shopping list ahead is one for the books filled with youth, fun, and tons of nostalgia. 


This top would look good with everything from trousers to jeans.

Lizzie would be a huge Susan fan. 

Colored zebra? No question Lizzie would have rocked these. 


We envision Lizzie wearing this with cargo pants. 

Because who doesn't want a feather boa?


If these aren't Lizzie McGuire in a pair of pants…

A funky tank to wear with just about everything. 

Relevant then. Relevant now. Relevant forever? 

We're getting major Lisa Frank vibes. 

Rainbow Jewelry

These would be the earrings she'd have used to pierce a second hole in her ear without her mom knowing. 

Pretty sure everyone needs one of these bad boys.


And no doubt Lizzie would have been all over these. 

We imagine Lizzie trying to wear these at school but then tripping down the hallways. 

Next up, shop the shoe trend that's been flooding the S/S 20 runways