Net-a-Porter's Fashion Director Says Australians Should Shop These Trends... Now

Finally, Fashion Week Australia is here! And as excited as we are, we’ll admit it can feel like a whirlwind. With street style to scope, runway shows to glean inspiration from, and trend-spotting to do, there’s no denying that fashion weeks are busy times. However busy, though, Fashion Week Australia provides us with a special opportunity to showcase our country’s style and speak to industry insiders for their perspective.

So to kick off the week, we spoke with Lisa Aiken, Net-a-Porter’s fashion director, to share with us how she’s feeling about Fashion Week Australia this year. From her favourite new Net-a-Porter brands to her A/W trend forecasting, Aiken provided some sage insight. Keep scrolling to read the full interview, below.


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How has your personal style evolved since Fashion Week Australia 2017?
I am not sure it has, I still love the same designers, rely on denim heavily, generally stick to midi-lengths and always like the unexpected.

How far in advance do you start prepping your wardrobe for an international fashion week tour?
Unfortunately for my stress levels, I am very last minute. I have literally just finished packing for Sydney, and I travel tomorrow morning. I do have a few ideas of things I may want to wear ahead of time, but putting looks together always comes down to the night before.

How do you approach dressing for a different city?
Aside from the weather, I am not sure I change my approach. As the fashion weeks go by you do notice that New York is more relaxed, London edgier and creative, Milan is usually quite bold and colourful and then Paris is super-chic, I am sure that does influence me subliminally.

What are some new Net-a-Porter brands you’re shopping at the moment?
Currently I am obsessed with Nanushka, a young contemporary brand based in Budapest. The entire collection just has such a refreshingly cool, laid-back attitude. And the vegan leather is incredible. I actually have 3 Nanushka outfits in my suitcase for Australian Fashion Week. In the footwear world By Far and Neous are two of my favourite brands for rewriting the rule book, both brands have a modern approach to the mid-heel, which feels very right at the moment. And when it comes to finishing touches, Meadowlark and Laura Lombardi both create statement jewellery with an edge.

Can you help us with a bit of trend forecasting? What should we be investing in now for Australian winter?
Tailoring is going to continue to be really important into next season, and is great for those transitional months. There is a lot of really beautiful colour around either those interesting neutral shades of camel, mustard and burgundy or really pale pastel washes. The texture of next season is set to be gloss and patent, we have over 200 patent shoe styles coming on site. And finally animal print will make a pretty big return (not that it has ever truly disappeared),

What influences your personal style?
I am lucky to be surrounded by designers, stylists and buyers on a daily basis so generally I would say the people around me have the biggest impact on my style.

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