4 Pretty Lingerie Trends Everyone Will Want to Wear in 2023

Wearing a killer set of lingerie underneath layers of clothing feels like having a secret superpower. Starting the day by slipping into something sexy and comfortable is just about the best thing you can do for your confidence, even if you're the only one who's going to see it. I'm the first to admit that picking out underwear is too often a rushed decision, with the real thought going into my outfit. But in reality, it shouldn't be an afterthought.


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Changing trends influence what lingerie is available each season more than you might think. Often, colours and silhouettes on the catwalk feed directly into underwear collections—and that's when the bras aren't explicitly on display, as was the case at Fashion Month SS23. Fendi, Sandy Liang and Bally fully embraced brassieres during their shows, in some cases making them the focus of the look.

So, if you pay attention to which clothing items are relevant each season, why not give the same consideration to what's going on underneath? I spoke to CEO and Founder of Nudea, Priya Downes, about which lingerie trends will dominate 2023. As the figurehead of a brand which celebrates inclusivity and upholds sustainable practices, Priya is ahead of the curve and skilled at predicting what's next in the underwear game. Naturally, she seemed like the right person to ask. Will lace-adorned styles be filling the rails, or are minimalist cupped designs set to rule? Keep reading to find out.

1. Colour & Texture


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"As in 2021 and 2022, dopamine dressing looks like it’s here to stay", says Downes."After the Barbiecore trend sparked last year, the popularity of hot pink isn’t showing any signs of slowing down across all fashion sectors including underwear. In 2022, we launched a number of pink collections and these are proving to be some of our best-sellers. Our focus is on fit, premium materials and products that are built to last, so ensuring colours are seasonless is really important to us. We’ve added Burnt Orange, French Navy, Merlot, Olive and Storm Grey to our collections, all shades which we likely wouldn’t have seen a few years ago and we’ll continue to add more colour throughout 2023.”

"In addition, we’re continuing to introduce elements of texture across our collections including our exclusive Monogram Mesh which is a sheer fabric featuring our logo, our geometric Sheer Deco sheer jacquard, as well as our Tencel seamless which feels soft like cashmere but is derived from birch pulp.”

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2. Comfortable Underwiring


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"With the wave of lockdowns firmly behind us and customers now finally back to wearing a fuller wardrobe than just sweatpants and T-shirts, we predict the comeback of wired options. Nudea’s bras are all designed with comfort first in mind, whether you prefer wired or non-wired. 

For those who’ve shifted to non-wired permanently, Nudea offers styles for all sizes. Loungewear-inspired underwear, such as our Tencel seamless bralette and brief set, is proving to be hugely popular for everyday comfort that you can wear anywhere. In the same vein, we’ve also just launched our first sleepwear collection, Nudea Sleep. Created in all natural materials including 100% organic cotton, it’s all supremely soft for the sweetest of slumbers.”

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3. Underwear as Outerwear 


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"We spotted this trend starting towards the end of 2021, with a lot of bras poking out under blazers for Christmas party season. Personally, I think that wearing underwear as outerwear is really empowering and with the new trending colours, it’s certainly something that needs to be seen. For 2023, we’ll be seeing bras, bralettes and bodies as tops under blazers and shirts unbuttoned to the waist.”

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4. Sustainability


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"We became a B Corp-certified company in 2022 and a lot of our customers are really interested in where their underwear came from and what it’s made of. Unlike other categories, underwear cannot be donated, rented or re-sold and with the average British woman owning 16 bras yet only regularly wearing four, it’s little wonder that a whopping 19 million bras end up going into UK landfill every year. 

Leading the charge, we have a sustainable-first ethos, with thoughtfully-made products designed to last longer, responsibly manufactured out of premium fabrics crafted from recycled yarns. Our commitment to sustainability includes providing easy-to-use fitting tools, crafting out designs from recycled fabric and yarns, a bra recycling programme ‘Bra-Cycle’, a partnership with responsible suppliers paid fair living wages, all delivered in recycled and recyclable packaging with a sustainable delivery option in major cities.”

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