The Newest Concealer Trend Is All About Reflecting Light, and I'm So Into It

Just when you think a product has reached the height of its capabilities, a new formulation comes around and changes the game forever. Case in point: what's currently happening to concealer. For a long time, concealer has been the product to reach for to mask a blemish or hide dark circles. If you wanted to mix things up, you could opt for a concealer a couple shades lighter than your skin tone to brighten your under-eye area, but that's about it. 

The latest concealer formulation, however, has burst onto the scene and is here to stay. More and more, brands are making their concealers with light-reflecting ingredients, and the result is radiant, glowy skin that makes you look fresh-faced. 


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What is light-reflecting concealer, and how does it work?

"Light-reflecting concealer is a luminous formula that works to hide imperfections and give radiance to the skin—think inner glow," says makeup artist Disco. "Their reflective ingredients bounce the light where applied and give a blurring effect to minimize the appearance of fine lines and pores."


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What's the best way to use light-reflecting concealer?

It might seem like you could only use a light-reflecting concealer under your eyes, but it can actually be used all over. "For under the eye, the light-reflective qualities help to cancel out any darkness without having to add a color corrector," says Disco. "Light-reflecting concealers are also great for hiding dark spots or spots that are healing."

If you need to cover a raised blemish, Disco recommends opting for a more matte formula so you don't end up attracting more attention to the spot you're trying to cover. Light-reflecting concealers are perfect for brightening a dull complexion or adding radiance to your skin. 


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The best light-reflecting concealers on the market right now:


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