Trust Me—These 10 Natural Beauty Products Actually Work

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I'll be the first to admit that natural beauty products still have a bit of a bad rep. Despite the number of sustainable beauty brands launching and growing in popularity, the notion that natural beauty products just don't really work that well is still a widely held perception. Not just amongst my friends, peers and colleagues within the industry, but I have to admit, with myself, too. Luckily, Liberty London—one of my favourite places to shop for beauty—has launched a Conscious Beauty edit that curates the best brands paving the way in ethical, earth-friendly beauty. And, boy, does it have some hidden gems.


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From apothecary-style bottles of skin-brightening cleanser to possibly the chicest deodorant I've ever had the pleasure of using, this is a collection of natural beauty products that feels—and looks—totally luxurious. Not only will these products look beautiful on your bathroom side, but they also genuinely work.


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Trust me—these 10 natural beauty products are amongst the best I've ever tried and will be making a permanent home in my beauty stash. Keep scrolling to find out what makes them so good, and then shop my favourites.

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(Image credit: @LIBERTYLONDON)

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