How This German Fashion Blogger Has Mastered the Art of Travelling in Style

Among the ranks of glamorous guests at the MAAS ball in Sydney recently, Leonie Hanne the German fashion blogger behind Ooh Couture, stunned in a floor-length Alice McCall gown. A self-proclaimed globe trotter, Leonie has had to master travel style—and she’s done it well. To read about her go-to airport outfit, where she gets inspiration, and her opinion on Australian style, read the full interview below.


Ooh Couture

You’re always travelling and on the go, what is your ideal airport outfit, including shoes and bag?

I often wear my heaviest pair of boots (practical reasons), soft leather pants, shirt and an oversized cardigan so that I can keep it on or off depending on the temperature in the plane. And I´m always wearing a small handbag with all my personal belongings and a bigger shopper to have some extra space.

How do you plan your outfits? (for everyday, for holidays, and for fashion week)

I always plan depending on the season and the place I'm visiting. For example, in Paris, I like to dress up a little with edgy, black [items] and some pops of colour. On a recent trip with Net-a-Porter we were in the mountains, and I kept my outfits cosy and warm. I also plan the outfits  in regards to the feeling and association I have with the place I’m going to.

How did you find your personal style, and how would you define it?

Personal style is related so closely to your personality. The better you get to know yourself, the better you will understand what makes you feel comfortable. I would define my personal style as feminine and playful.

What are you influenced by?

I´m influenced by places, music and the people around me. That's why I decided to move to London, as I love the creative vibe and the personal style on the streets.

How would you say Australian style differs from German style?

I’m such a fan of Australian designers like Zimmermann and Ellery. Australian style reflects the Australian lifestyle. People dress very fashionably and always seem to be very effortless with casual twists like easy sandals.

What would you like to see change in the fashion industry in 2018?

More friendly faces during fashion month.

The role of the influencer/blogger has evolved so much over the last 5 or so years, how do you see it progressing further?

It seems like the influencer industry has exploded, especially in the last year! As the industry gets more and more diverse, there will be even a stronger focus on particular niches. Brands will monitor closely which partners they work with and the industry will get more professional as data becomes more and more specific and it will be crucial to find influencers who fit the brands and their messaging.

How do you prepare for a red carpet event like the MAAS ball?

I was so excited to be a guest of Net-a-Porter for the inaugural MAAS ball. To prepare, I tried the dress on early in advance to see whether it worked for me. I prefer to do the make-up myself to make sure that I really feel like myself ahead of such a special evening. But I´m always super happy to have someone amazing to help me with my hair—not my speciality.

Feeling inspired? Leonie's MAAS Ball dress is available to purchase online from Net-a-Porter.