#MCM: Meet the Stylish Soul Singer Stealing Our Hearts

Falling in love with Leon Bridges takes three minutes and 35 seconds—the approximate run time of “Coming Home,” the first single off the Fort Worth native’s debut album of the same name, which is available on iTunes June 23. In a world consumed by pop and electro music, the self-taught 25-year-old’s nod to ’60s rhythm and blues is a welcome palate cleanser, with hits like “Lisa Sawyer” and “River” boasting a soulful ease. But it’s not just his sound that resembles the past; Bridges is taking a page from the stylebooks of his predecessors when it comes to his look, too—think dapper suits and preppy collared shirts tucked into high-waisted slacks. Could the fashion world have its next muse? All signs point to yes! Keep reading for our exclusive interview with Bridges.