The Layering Tricks ALL Fashion Girls Know

Layering is a big thing in the world of the fashion elite—and it also happens to be one of the hardest skills to master, especially during the hot summer months. From one perspective, layering is a great way to stay cool, because you can remove layers as you see fit—but if you do it the wrong way, it's not a great look and you'll end up sweltering. 

To help us navigate the challenging world of summer layering, we recruited the help of a bona fide expert: our resident stylist Marissa Webb. Webb is very well-known in the fashion community for her top-notch layering skills, so she's the perfect person to tell us just how to do it.

"Layering isn’t as complicated as we often times think it is. There’s no real formula to it, or rules," Webb says. "You have to simply give it a try; but there are a few things to consider while styling with layers."

Keep scrolling to read her pro tips to layering like a true fashion girl!

Usually it’s easiest if you think of the lightest layer first, but I also like to do the reverse. Try a cropped top or tank over your tunic or sweater.

Don’t put limitations on the items in your closet. A dress can easily convert to a top when styled with your favourite bottoms; a trench dress can easily morph into a lightweight jacket. Just like many things in life, our clothing has more to offer then we usually give it credit for.

One of my favourite and probably easiest tricks is to put items together of the same colour for a saturated, monochrome look. For example, try a navy T-shirt with a navy blazer and a navy trench.

Think in colour. Even pattern-mixing becomes second nature if you start looking at colour first; a black polka dot print pairs perfectly with black stripes, a red floral easily fits with a red geometric print. If you’re not a big fan of prints, try solid colours in varying shades.

Think proportion: if you’re wearing something skinny on the bottom, layer up easy on the top. If you're slouchy on the bottom, layer up with slim shapes on the top.

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