Editors Agree—Lawless's New "Forget the Filler" Cream is Magic in a Bottle

Reviewed: Lawless Forget the Filler Moisturizer



I've seen and used a lot of moisturizers in my day and I can say with confidence that some are superior to others. As someone with dehydrated, acne-prone skin, though, it isn't always easy to find a moisturizer that's hydrating enough without being heavy or pore-clogging. Enter, Lawless's new Forget the Filler Moisturizer, the newest addition to the "Forget the Filler" range that folks are raving about—editors included. If the almost perfect five-star rating on Sephora isn't enough to convince you it's a product worth having, I'm here to share a few picky editor reviews. Hint: they were all positive and couldn't say enough good things.

This moisturizer and makeup primer in one makes some big promises—smooth, baby soft skin and nearly invisible fine lines with extended use! Many brands make this same claim, but don't always deliver. Lawless, however, leaves a seriously good impression in this department. For all our thoughts on this line-smoothing cream, keep scrolling.

Why Editors Love Lawless's Forget the Filler Moisturizer

Editors who try everything can be hard to please, but Lawless has done it again with this line-plumping cream. The best part? It can act as both a moisturizer and makeup primer. Personally, since my skin has been a bit dehydrated, I like to use a moisturizer underneath and this cream as a makeup primer. It actually works perfectly—it adds just the right amount of hydration that I need underneath foundation. Since my skin barrier hasn't been in great shape, my skin tends to dry out easily, especially after I apply foundation and leave it on for a few hours, but this really helps mitigate any dryness. I love that it isn't sticky or tacky like some primers—it just adds a nice layer of hydration and creates a smooth base. As for any fine lines, I did notice my skin looked plumper after one use, and after four to five, my skin was definitely more hydrated and fine lines on my forehead were less noticeable. 

So what's the secret sauce in this formula, you ask? The formula consists of a potent cocktail of peptides and what the brand deems a "Maxi-Youth" complex that restores elasticity, smooths texture, and plumps fine lines. Although this doesn't exactly sound unique, it does really deliver on its promises and I love that Lawless created a skincare formula with makeup in mind. If you need a bit more convincing, here's what a few other editors are saying about the formula!

"I'm a huge fan of the Lawless Forget the Filler glosses, balms, and lip mask, so I was super excited to try the moisturizer—especially with the Maxi-Youth peptide technology in the formula. I've been using the cream now for about two weeks, and I'm impressed with how my skin already looks super glowy and hydrated. It layers beautifully with sunscreen and under my complexion products, and my laugh lines appear less prominent, so I'm excited to see how more results take shape as I continnue to use it in my skincare lineup." — Marianne Mychaskiw, beauty correspondent, NBC California Live

"I hate when my makeup pills. As soon as I touch my face and feel the product start to clump together in teeny-tiny particles of skincare, I can't stop fixating on it, and I will just rub all my makeup off. Which is why I really, really rely on moisturizers that play nice with my makeup, and Forget the Filler *is* one of those—and then some. It feels rich without being heavy, and makes my skin look and feel so supple and smooth. Plus, I have naturally oily skin that breaks out easily (I have hormonal acne that my dermatologist prescribed retinol for), and this moisturizer is so gentle and doesn't cause zit drama (it's formulated to be noncomedogenic). I can't really speak to the anti-aging benefits (I don't really have much for wrinkles or fine lines yet), but I can say that Forget the Filler makes my skin look more alive? Like I actually slept for eight hours? And drank the recommended amount of water? It's just a beautiful everyday moisturizer that I'm going to be buying again and again once my tub runs out." — Gina Vaynshteyn, commerce director, InStyle, SheKnows

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Reviewed: Lawless Forget the Filler Moisturizer



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