I Tried Latisse for 6 Weeks (and Got the Lashes I've Always Dreamed Of)


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Name: Erin Jahns

What did you try?

The lash medication bimatoprost (aka Latisse) for six weeks and beyond. For some background, Latisse is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to treat inadequate eyelashes (hypotrichosis) and is also marketed under the brand name Lumigan, which is used in prescription eye drops to treat glaucoma. (Fun fact: Eyelash growth was an unexpected side effect of Lumigan, which ultimately inspired the creation and marketing of Latisse.)

Why did you try it?

I'll put it like this: I'm a greedy S.O.B. when it comes to my eyelashes. I naturally have long lashes (they're one of my favorite features), but being the beauty maximalist that I am, I can never resist anything that promises longer, thicker, darker, all-around-better lashes than I already have. The heart wants what it wants, okay? That said, I'd been interested in trying Latisse for years, but I'd always been intimidated and a little nervous to try the prescription-grade product, which can have some slightly concerning side effects (like the darkening of the iris, i.e., the colored part of the eye; irritation and redness; even additional unwanted hair growth around the eyes). As an FYI, and before you get too freaked out, the latter will only happen if the solution runs and drips off the eyelids. Definitely keep a tissue or Q-tip handy!

Finally, however, my curiosity and quest for inhumanly amazing lashes got the best of me, and I made an appointment at SkinSpirit's location in Beverly Hills with one of the practitioners for a consultation.


After 3 Weeks
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How did you prepare?

Since I still had some reservations about trying such a potent product, especially since my eyes are easily irritated, I made an appointment at a skincare clinic I completely trusted for a consultation. SkinSpirit was created in 2003 by M Dean Vistnes, MD, a Stanford-educated, board-certified plastic surgeon, and Lynn Heublein. They have multiple locations on the West Coast—most of which are in California—and offer a mix of comprehensive aesthetic services.

Once I arrived, a practitioner walked me through an overview of the product, explained how and when to apply it, went through potential side effects, and also provided a timeline of projected results if I was consistent with my application. She explained that I would most likely start to notice longer, thicker, and darker lashes around the six-to-eight-month mark. She also told me the results would remain (and improve) as long as I continued the use of the medication and that my lashes would return to their original appearance once I discontinued use.

What happened during the whole process?

Just as the practitioner advised, I applied Latisse to my upper lash line (as you would a liquid liner) every single night after my full skincare routine. I also made sure to apply it at least an hour or more before I went to sleep each night so it wouldn't simply rub off on my pillow. (A back sleeper I am not!) I also made sure to clean up any excess product that would start to drip or run off the corner of my eye with a tissue since product runoff is what can cause hair growth in other areas of the eye, and I personally was not in the mood to develop under-eye hair!

Just like she predicted, I started to notice a difference in my lashes around one month in, but I really noticed a major change in length around six weeks. I've been taking the medication for a few months now (and have actually switched to just applying a few times a week to curb irritation) and have still been enjoying the results and noticing even more growth. I'm obsessed! In fact, my lashes are so long now that it's almost difficult to apply mascara. It's a conundrum I'm not mad at!

Any challenges?

No challenges! I'm happy to report that I didn't experience any side effects aside from some very minor irritation (just a subtle raw/stinging sensation here and there) and a slight darkening of my lids right at my lash line where I apply the treatment. Once I was satisfied with my results, I decreased my application to just a few times a week to see if it would help the pigmentation and sensitivity, which it did! It's still a part of my routine, and I plan to keep using Latisse until further notice.

Any surprises?

Not really. Since I did my research and talked things through with a trusted professional before I started Latisse, I felt totally prepared. The only surprise really was just HOW amazing the results are. The hype is totally legitimate. Latisse exceeded my expectations, and I just wish I had tried it sooner.


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How did you feel afterward? What kind of changes did you notice?

As I mentioned, I did start to notice some irritation and redness, but nothing so severe that it deterred me from continuing to use Latisse. I noticed longer, darker, curlier, and thicker lashes around the one-month mark, and the results have continued to get better the longer I've been using the product.

What did you like about it?

I liked how easy it was to incorporate into my routine. I do my skincare regimen right after dinner each night, apply my Latisse, watch some TV or read before bed, and voilà! I also, obviously, really like the results and have gotten so many compliments on my eyelashes. People don't believe me when I say they're real and not extensions! I've actually tried extensions and wasn't a fan, so this has been a great, lower-maintenance alternative for me.

What did you dislike?

I mean, it would be super dreamy if the results were permanent and there was no irritation or darkening of the eyelid, but I'm not complaining! There was nothing I disliked about the process or product.


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Would you try it again?

One hundred percent yes!

Any advice for anyone who's thinking about trying it?

Do your research, and book a consultation with a practitioner you trust to make sure you feel comfortable with the process and any potential side effects. It's a prescription, so results and reactions will be different from person to person. Also, this type of product is all about consistency, so I recommend being patient and keeping it on your vanity where you'll see it every night. Read and follow the directions, and as I've said multiple times now, don't apply too much product, and clean up any runoff to decrease the chance of irritation and additional hair growth.

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