Hailey Bieber's Stylist Told Me Every Shoe That Will Take Over the Celeb Set

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Celebrity stylist Maeve Reilly chatted with us recently to discuss everything from the “secret” brands she’s predicting are about to be huge to her insider tricks for mastering the perfect street style looks. She’s truly paving the way for what celebrity style looks like today, and her insights are unmissable. Now, she’s back to discuss one of my favorite fashion topics: shoes.

One of the key accessories to consider when getting dressed, the right footwear can really make or break a look, and Reilly is here to weigh in on the latest cool shoe brands to know about. Her top picks include affordable investment styles as well as luxury investment brands, so there’s something here for you no matter what your budget or style is. Ahead, she shares the five cool shoe brands she loves and always dresses her roster of celebrity clients in.

Amina Muaddi

Latest cool shoes: Amina Muaddi



There's no doubt that Amina Muaddi has one of the biggest cult followings among the fashion set, and Maeve Reilly is another fan of the brand. "I am big-time obsessed with Amina Muaddi," Reilly explains. "I say this all the time. She's my go-to in my closet. I probably wear her the most."


Latest cool shoes: Nike



Another brand she can't get enough of for everyday looks? Nike. Reilly's top picks from the brand include Air Jordan 1 and Air Force sneakers. Take a styling note from Hailey Bieber, and pair them with something unexpected, like the pink minidress she was recently snapped wearing above.


Latest cool shoes: GIA/RHW



Earlier this year, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley launched a shoe collaboration with Gia Couture, which the fashion set has been quickly snapping up. Reilly is a big fan of the collection. "They're so good and so comfortable," she explains. "It's truly the most comfortable shoe I've ever worn."

Bottega Veneta

Latest cool shoes: Bottega Veneta


Getty Images/MEGA

A shoe list wouldn't be complete without a mention of Bottega Veneta, and Reilly notes that the brand's heels are topping her must-buy list. "I'm wearing a lot of Bottega," she explains. ''The Bottega mule is so comfortable. I feel like that was definitely my first heel post-quarantine."

Femme LA

Latest cool shoes: Femme


Getty Images/Marc Piasecki

Femme is a rising brand you may or may not be familiar with but already has a loyal following among celebrities, including Bieber. "I cannot get [Bieber] out of this heel called Femme," she notes. "It's 200 bucks and such a sexy, sexy shoe. And I mean, she has every color."

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