9 Last-Minute Halloween Looks You Can Create With Just Your Makeup

Halloween is one of the best times to go all-out with your makeup—whether you’re planning to dress up or not. After all, thanks to the festive traditions, if gives anyone a reason to experiment with, well, any type of bold beauty look. And just in case you didn’t get the chance to plan out a full costume (because we can’t all be Heidi Klum, okay?), there are plenty of last-minute Halloween makeup looks that won’t require a costume at all—or at the very least, will only take a few pieces you already own.

From simple looks that only require a precision-tip liquid eyeliner and heavy mascara to those that layer on the high-impact pigment and glitter, scroll down below to check out the beauty looks you can put together in mere minutes. Once you try these out for yourself, you’ll start to wonder why you need a full costume at all.

Diana Ross

Diana Ross Halloween makeup


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For quick and simple Halloween look, create Diana Ross's mod '60s makeup with a few flicks of eyeliner and spidery mascara.

Snow Leopard

Snow leopard cat costume



It doesn't get easier than a cat costume with whiskers and a nose.


If you're going as a cool, ethereal fairy, opt to wear bold pink hues, like a deep magenta lip and shimmery pink eye shadow. 

Jules from Euphoria

Euphoria Halloween makeup


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There are plenty of makeup looks from Euphoria that can inspire many a Halloween costume, but none feel quite as bold as Jules's eye makeup.

Sandy from Grease

Sandy Grease Halloween makeup


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If you want an iconic Halloween costume that'll never get old, go as Sandy from Grease. Once you have the curly hair, all you'll need is a smoky eye and a bright red lip.

Donna Summers

Donna Summer Halloween makeup


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Another classic makeup look to sport on October 31 is Donna Summer's metallic green eyeliner and rouge lip. Once you have these, the only thing left to do is sport the famous singer's perfect pout.

Ariana Grande

Want to channel a more modern muse this Halloween? An Ariana Grande costume will be one of the best ones to put together in minutes. With sleek, winged eyeliner and a matte lip, the only things left are a high ponytail, an oversized long-sleeve shirt, and over-the-knee boots.

Brigitte Bardot

Brigitte Bardot Halloween makeup


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Brigitte Bardot practically invented the smudged eyeliner and heavy mascara look, perfectly capturing the je ne sais quoi we all know and love.


Cleopatra Halloween makeup


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And when you want to go all out with an instantly recognizable look, Cleopatra's bold blue eyeshadow and geometric eyeliner will be just what you want.

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